On Saturday, around 400 people were arrested by the Vietnam police on the basis of allegations of operating a gambling ring in Hai Phong, which is the port city of Vietnam. The ministry on its official website released a statement stating that the individuals who were arrested because of the reported scam were in between ages of 18 to 24, who operated online gambling websites from 100 different rooms even in a tightly-secured area like Hai Phong city.

The Police raided various buildings on Saturday morning and discovered numerous machines and devices that were used for this online gamble. Around 533 laptops, 2000 smartphones, ATM cards, and cash were seized by the police. In a statement, the Vietnamese police said that more than $435 millions of transactions have taken place in the online gambling ring.

The statement made by the police extended stating that this is a criminal organization which was until now successfully operating under the Vietnam enterprises had developed new and sophisticated methods to operate on cyberspace and was covered by various foreign investments. This organization is said to have the largest number of foreign involvements and the largest number of online betting and gambling occurred which was finally discovered in Vietnam.

This raid on Saturday was conducted in Duong Kinh’s Our City Urban Area. This building proliferates over a large area of 43-hectares, which is home to Qiafeng Company of Hong Kong that has established various five-star hotels, premium villas and apartments, commercial centers, and entertainment venues as well. Although gambling is considered to be illegal in Vietnam, foreigners are allowed to gamble in some of the local casinos.

In the previous year, news came up that stated that the government of Vietnam has thought of proceeding with the legalization of gambling to the locals in some of the selected casinos in Vietnam just on a trial basis. However, in the month of November two Vietnamese police were caught and arrested when they were found guilty of running an underground gambling ring, which was operated on an online platform and raised about millions of dollars.

When the police were asked to comment more on this matters when enquired by the reporters, they denied cordially. However, the one-party state of Vietnam has started to go loose on the rules and regulations of domestic gambling. It has now permitted its citizens to gamble and bet on some of the local casinos just on a trial basis.

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