Barclays Helps Problem Gamblers: News |

Staying in control of your gambling isn’t easy for everyone. While the majority of UK operators offer their players a variety of safety tools such as game time reminders, deposit limits, time-outs and self-exclusion, these alone are sometimes not enough.

Therefore, it’s great to see that Barclays Bank is leading the way by improving the card control services that it offers its customers.

While Barclays, along with several other banks, currently allows customers to control the types of transactions that they can carry out using their debit card (e.g. gambling, premium-rate websites and phone lines, petrol and diesel, and groceries and supermarkets), they can easily be toggled on and off at will.

Within the next few weeks, however, Barclays will be increasing the amount of control that users have over gambling expenditure by adding a 72-hour cooling-off delay.

The improved controls will let customers who need extra help with reducing their gambling have time to think carefully about whether they really wish to re-enable their debit card so that they can re-commence using it for making gambling-related deposits and purchases.

The bank’s managing director, Sian McIntyre, says that the decision to add the 72-hour ‘cooling-off’ time delay to its existing gambling block feature was made as a direct result of customer feedback.

According to Ms McIntyre, Barclay’s customers have said that a 72-hour time delay would give them “a real pause for thought” and would be a helpful tool to rely on “when they are tempted to return to gambling”.

GamCare (the independent UK charity that provides problem gambling support) is also pleased to see the introduction of the new feature. Its chief executive, Anna Hemmings, believes that it will beincredibly helpful to those struggling to control their gambling” and will complement other practical tools like blocking software, self-exclusion and specialist support.

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