The charity GambleAware is continuing its successful Bet Regret campaign by teaming up with new partners including Supporters Direct Scotland and MAN vs FAT. This is the continuation of the campaign that also works with the Scottish Football Supporters Association and Football Supporters Association to promote safer gambling.

What is the Aim of the Bet Regret Campaign?

The aim of GambleAware’s Bet Regret campaign is to promote safer gambling during the now up and running football season. Furthermore, the campaign is looking to educate football fans about the risks of gambling, to ensure that when they are placing bets on their favourite football teams and matches, they are doing so responsibly.

The websites of these different organisations will all display the same campaign messaging promoting safer gambling. The new partnership with MAN vs FAT is also interesting as this is a weight loss programme for men, but it works with football leagues in over 80 locations up and down the country. They will work with coaches and train them on how they can inform and talk to members about safer gambling and how to be responsible with it.

What Do the Organisations Have to Say?

Each of the organisations commented on their new partnership with GambleAware and highlighted the importance of spreading this important information on safer gambling.

The Director of Communications at GambleAware, Zoe Osmond, stated that the new partnerships were an important way for the campaign to be able to reach its target audience and relay the safer gambling message effectively.

The Chief Executive at the Football Supporters’ Association echoed that thought, saying that they were delighted to be renewing their partnership with the charity and that this was a very important message that they wanted to help promote.

Finally, the Head of Football at MAN vs FAT said they were looking forward to highlighting the public health impact of gambling, as football is the most dominant sport to gamble on in the United Kingdom. The group feels that this will help them to promote not just a healthy body, but a healthy mind too which is just as important.

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