• Nearly 200 bingo rooms available
  • Earn kitty treats with Kitty Points
  • 5 and 3-reel video slots available too

Quick Kitty Bingo Summary

Meow! We bet you can’t wait to get your claws into Kitty Bingo, the bingo site that’s cute and cuddly. There are three versions of bingo, plus a lot of slots and other games to keep you amused and entertained.

Why not cuddle up and read our exclusive Kitty Bingo review?

Gamifications & VIP Program

The purr-fect incentive to keep playing at Kitty Bingo is the Kitty Club. This is a VIP scheme where every new kitten at Kitty Bingo starts at the Newbie level. Progress can be made until any lucky cat makes it all the way to the top level of Emerald.

Players become top cats by amassing kitty points, and the more kitty points earned, the better the benefits. As an added bonus, loyalty points can be converted back into kitty treats you can spend at the site!

Software & Games

If you like 75-ball or 90-ball bingo, then Kitty Bingo is likely to be purr-fect for you. There are almost two-dozen bingo rooms available, but most of them are covered by 75 and 90-ball bingo. The only other game is 5-line bingo which is played on the same style of card as 75-ball bingo and prizes are won by completing lines of five on the card.

There are usually five or six rooms available whenever you pay a visit to Kitty Bingo. The rooms with the bigger jackpots though are only open once-per-day or even one-per-month.

If you go through a ‘bingo is boring’ phase there are slots games here too, plus mini casino games.

Casino & Slots

  • Types of games: Video slots, casino games.
  • Games: 5-reel slots, 3-reel slots, jackpot slots, blackjack, roulette.

Depositing & Cashing Out


You have four main ways to get money into your Kitty Bingo account, and these are debit card, PayPal, Neteller and Paysafecard. The minimum amount you are able to deposit is £5, and deposits are processed instantly.

Cashing out

Withdrawals can be made to all deposit methods aside from Paysafecard. The minimum accepted withdrawal is £10. Processing times are slow at up to 72 hours for verification checks. After, your money should be in your PayPal or Neteller account instantly, but bank withdrawals can take a little longer.

We are not exactly purring with delight at these withdrawal terms!

Kitty Bingo Social

Cats are not exactly social creatures … I mean when was the last time you saw a group of cats down the pub or having a coffee together? Kitty Bingo though bucks this cat-astrophic trend by having plenty of social possibilities.

All bingo games have chat applets attached which means players are free to have a cat chat while they play. Only friendly behaviour is accepted though as the chat mods are quick to boot out any player who becomes a little bit catty.

Kitty bingo is a pretty cool cat on Facebook and is very active on Twitter too.

Kitty Bingo Mobile

We all know that cats like to get out and about, and you can be a cool kitty with the Kitty Bingo mobile site. This site should work on any contemporary phone or tablet, but it is probably best that you use one powered by iOS or Android. It is also best that you only play when you can guarantee an uninterrupted connection to the internet.

No Kitty Bingo app here to hunt down, though. This is a mobile-optimised site that adapts itself to whichever channel you are using to connect to the site. You only need a browser on your device to play.

Our Final Thoughts on Kitty Bingo

We do not think that Kitty Bingo is the purr-fect bingo site, but it is certainly not far from it. This furry feline bingo site has been around since 2012 and has long been regarded as being among the cream of the crop when it comes to online bingo play. You may be purring like the cat that got the cream when you play here!

Have you had a cat-astrophic time at Kitty Bingo, or quite the contrary? Do you have any thoughts regarding our Kitty Bingo review? Why not share them with us via your own review or just make a comment or two?

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