New Bingo Sites

Sometimes things move so fast in the world of online bingo that it’s hard to keep up! New sites pop up, old sites undergo a complete reimagining and others close their doors or merge with their sister bingo sites.

Why not let BingoWorld keep one finger on the bingo pulse and report back to you? We can tell you all about movers and shakers, and where you can find the best Dragonfish, Virtue Fusion and Jumpman Gaming (and more) platforms out there.

We have collected together some of the brightest bingo boffins around to keep an eye on the bingo realm and relay the hottest bingo news back to you! All the best bingo brands for UK players (and we check that all the bingo brands we review have the proper UK Gambling Commission licensing) can be found listed upon our pages.

What’s so new about new bingo sites?

You might think that bingo is bingo is bingo. That’s true in some respects as all the games work along similar dynamics (the balls drop and you mark off the numbers on your card) but it’s the how and where that’s important. Would you rather play at a colourful site with lots of gaming options, folk-filled chat rooms and easy payment options, or at a site that was designed in 1997 (and has yet to be updated) and has a single 90-ball bingo that’s about as thrilling as a night out with your great grannie?

Online bingo gives sites a wealth of design and playing options, and the best sites have the tastiest design elements and the neatest games. We consider it our job to make sure you are kept informed about the real goodies and the genuine baddies when it comes to online bingo play.

What’s so great about new bingo sites anyhow?

If you’re of a certain age, then you’ll remember the days when internet sites all looked as if they’d been hammered together by nerdy hobbyists. They were static (apart from ubiquitous dancing hamsters), slow and just plain baaaaaaaad.

Can you imagine if the internet still looked like that? Thankfully website coding has evolved, and the best sites have evolved too. Each successful new bingo site that pops up on the internet in this day and age MUST present itself in a fashionable and user-friendly manner. That’s what makes (most) new bingo sites, or established bingo sites that have had a new lick of online paint such a pleasure to play at!

What types of games can I play at new bingo sites?

If you’re in the UK, then the version of the game you’re probably most familiar with is 90-ball bingo. Here you have cards with fifteen numbers arranged in three rows. You can win prizes for marking off a single row, two rows or the biggest prize of all for the lovely full house!

You might have played 75-ball bingo too, especially if you’ve visited a fun fair or amusement arcade. Here cards contain 24 numbers arranged in a 5×5 grid with a free square in the middle. This is how they play bingo in the US, usually with cards in sets of three containing all 75 numbers once.

There’s 80-ball bingo too, plus 52-ball (or rather, card) bingo where playing cards replace bingo balls and tickets only contain five ‘numbers’. There are more forms of bingo as well, including fast-paced 40 or even 30-ball bingo, or games with progressive jackpots where you can win a life-changing amount of money if you can complete your full house within a certain number of bingo calls.

What about the bingo software and networks at new bingo sites?

One thing you might not know about new online bingo sites is that very few of them make their own games, or even run them. Instead, they use the services of established online bingo providers such as Cassava Enterprises or Playtech. Such companies provide a whole bingo network and software that’s ready-to-use (with Cassava the software is called ‘Dragonfish’, and with Playtech the software and network is called ‘Virtual Fusion’).

This means, a new site has a ready-established and ready-made bingo arena and network available to provide to their customers. All they have to do is provide a site to act as a ‘wrapper’, and of course to attract players.

What then, does this mean to you? Well, when you play at say ‘Ruby Red Bingo’ you will be playing with players at all sites that use the same network. You can find yourself playing alongside and chatting happily with bingo buddies from ‘Emerald Green Bingo’ and ‘Sapphire Blue Bingo’. This means that the bingo chat rooms at the best networks are always filled with friendly bingo folk from multiple sites!

At BingoWorld we keep you informed about how established bingo networks perform, and fill in the details about any new bingo networks that arrive fresh onto the scene.

Can I get super sexy bonuses at new bingo sites?

Bonuses are only ‘super sexy’ if you take the right approach with them. For a start, no one has ever become a millionaire using any kind of bingo bonus, ever! You should view a bingo bonus as a way of obtaining some bingo entertainment without having to splash out any of your own money. You might get a little reward using a bingo bonus, but you won’t get a lot!

That’s not to say the bingo bonuses should be ignored. If you want to try out a new bingo site, then if you grab a bonus you can get to know what makes the site tick before you decide to sign up your debit or credit card, or reveal your eWallet details.

New bingo sites can often offer worthwhile bingo bonuses and our bingo boffins, who are all bingo bonus experts, will run their magnifying glass over any bonuses and report back as to which are worth your while and which are worthless!

How about security at new bingo sites?

Online security is a must these days as internet miscreants are becoming ever more devious in the ways in which they hack into people’s accounts and steal their personal and financial information.

Every single online bingo site takes your online security very seriously indeed, using state-of-the-art data encryption tools. If we do spot something that looks a bit dubious at a new bingo site though, we are sure to report back on it.

How do I pay at a new bingo site?

If you’ve a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, then you’ll have no problem getting money into and out of your new online bingo account. We though prefer new bingo sites that can offer multiple payment options, including eWallets, eVouchers and services such as ApplePay and GooglePay.

Every review we put together when we evaluate a new bingo site will list the main (if not all) payment options that are available to you.

Our concluding thoughts about new bingo sites

Our bingo boffins have been in the business for some time now, and understand what separates a decent new bingo site from one you shouldn’t even touch with somebody else’s barge pole!

The best new sites are secure, have lots of payment options, plenty of games and have been designed to be attractive as well as easy to use. If you want to only play at the best new bingo sites, then we implore you to read our reviews and trust our judgement.

BingoWorld is here for you, to make sure you get the most from your online bingo play.