Recommended Bingo Sites

If you’re in the mood to suffer a headache or even a migraine, then one thing that’s sure to induce one is the process of looking through every single bingo site available on the internet, and then deciding which is the best one for you to play at. Some sources claim that there are close to 500 online bingo sites available! Have you really got the time to go through them all before finding the one that suits your individual tastes the most?

Of course you haven’t … but our team of online bingo boffins have! In fact, we’ve perused as many bingo sites as we can find and produced a review for every single one of them.

Naturally, you don’t have time to go through all our reviews, so to start you off on the right foot, here’s a list of recommended bingo sites that we’ve compiled. Visit the sites at the top of our ‘Bingo Champions League’ and you’re assured of a thrilling bingo experience!


The Best Online Bingo Sites Reviewed, Right Here!

We’ve compiled one of the most comprehensive lists available of the best UK bingo sites, and it’s a list we’re adding to all the time. It’s our duty to find as many available sites as possible, give them a thorough looking over and report back our findings to you, our loyal site users. We’re not going to rest until every single UK online bingo site has been uncovered, perused, picked apart and reviewed.

We update our reviews too, as even the best UK bingo sites re-invent themselves or give themselves a makeover now and then. Other sites sadly let things slide and allow themselves to fall behind the times. We make sure that we keep everything fresh, so that once you read our review you don’t end up somewhere that’s completely unlike our description.

In addition, we add new reviews all the time. If you want to keep abreast of all that’s fresh and new in the online bingo realm, then this site is one you should definitely add to your favourites list.

What You Can Expect From Our Quality Bingo Reviews

We only hire the best bingo experts to come up with our reviews. They are all bingo fans and online bingo site players themselves. We know that our site users only expect the most concise and accurate reviews filled with pertinent information (no fluff!) and qualified opinions.

When it comes to an online bingo site, we think there are five cornerstones of decent online bingo that separate the best sites in the business from those that are best avoided.

A decent array of gaming options

Every online bingo site has 90-ball bingo, but we feel that the more bingo options a site has, the better for our players. We think every site should offer 75-ball bingo too as a main alternative, and other options such as 80-ball, 52-ball (or 52-card) and 50/40/30-ball bingo should be available too.

A decent range of bingo rooms and ticket prices is important as well. We like to see inexpensive bingo rooms (where you can buy tickets for as little as one penny) mixed with jackpot rooms with prizes that are really worth winning.

Finally, we feel that any online bingo site worth its salt should offer a varied range of side games, including plenty of decent online slots, classic table games such as blackjack and roulette, plus scratch cards and arcade-style games too.

High standards of customer support

If something goes amiss at an online bingo site, then you’re going to want to get in touch with the site’s support people quickly and with maximum effect. If a site only offers an email address via an inbox that’s checked once a week, then that’s simply not good enough.

At a bare minimum, a site should offer a dedicated live chat facility, and by dedicated we mean that they host their own support staff, not a third-party provider whom covers dozens of sites.

Being able to phone your online bingo support crew is a definite bonus.

Decent chat hosts who know how to entertain

For the majority of players, bingo is not just about dropping balls and marking numbers – there’s the social element too. We prefer sites that have games with dozens of players, not just a silent handful. Bingo is simply more entertaining if you feel you are part of a group, and not just playing all on your lonesome.

We evaluate the chat room hosts provided by any site we review. Timid hosts get black marks, as do extrovert hosts who try too hard and get in the way. A decent host should know how to keep the chatter flowing without the need to make sure they’re always the centre of attention.

Plenty of ways to get money into and out of your account

All sites accept credit and debit cards, that’s a given. We though prefer sites that accept more than the plastic pals that we keep in our wallets. There are dozens of eWallets now available online, including PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. To be a decent bingo site, we feel a site should accept multiple payment providers.

Speedy withdrawals are a must as well. There’s nothing more frustrating than securing a nice win then having to wait over a week before the money finally appears in your bank account.

The availability of bingo on the go

The people who use mobile devices to surf the world wide web now outnumber those who use PCs and laptops. The bingo sites that receive the top marks from us are those that make sure their mobile bingo players are catered for just as much as those using a laptop or their home computer.

Mobile sites should be easy to use to, with a full range of both bingo games plus side games like slots and casino games, and all the necessary account functions.

Other important aspects of any site we like to see include decent and fair bonuses, proper licensing (for UK players from the UK Gambling Commission) and high levels of online security, including state of the art data encryption.

You Don’t Just Have to Take Our Word for It!

As a feature of our reviews we encourage our players to share their experiences with their fellow bingo buddies. You can add comments to our reviews indicating whether you agree with our findings or not, and telling the bingo world how you fared when you visited the site in question yourself.

There’s one thing that’s clear then at BingoWorld – there’s no better place online to discover the best bingo sites, as recommended by our bingo experts and your fellow bingo players!