• Over twenty bingo rooms
  • Become a Snow Bingo ‘Champ’ by showing your loyalty
  • 52, 75 and 90-ball bingo available

Quick Snowy Bingo Summary

When it snows, you won’t see us out in it! It’s just cold, and wet. We’d much rather stay in and play bingo, and Snowy Bingo is a Dragonfish site that’s been around since 2016 where we can do just that. This site has many bingo rooms, and all the most popular bingo games.

Kick back and chill out by reading our exclusive Snowy Bingo review.

Gamifications & VIP Program

You can chill out immediately with Snowy Bingo’s loyalty plan. This scheme is split over four levels of Rookie, Pro, Master and Champ. There are loyalty benefits along every step of the way, but the big bingo bonanzas are held back for those who have reached ‘Champ’ status.

Ascension among the ranks is achieved by acquiring ‘jewels’ and you are awarded a number of jewels for each deposit that you make. If you want to make it to ‘Champ’ status, then you need to amass in excess of 2,400 of them. You also need to keep amassing jewels if you want to retain your current loyalty status.

Software & Games

  • No of software providers: 9
  • No of bingo games: 3
  • No of bingo rooms: 22

You can warm yourself up at Snowy Bingo by playing 5-line (Swedish), 75-ball or 90-ball bingo at the site. There should be enough bingo opportunities for you at all times here as Snowy Bingo can conjure up nearly two dozen bingo rooms.

Not every single room is open all of the day, but the majority of them are so you will never be at a loss for some bingo entertainment. The rooms with the biggest jackpots tend to be open the least amount of the time.

Alongside all this bingo entertainment runs a dazzling selection of many of the very best slots that are available anywhere.

Casino & Slots

  • Types of games: Video slots, casino games, instant win games.
  • Games: 5-reel slots, jackpot slots, roulette, scratch cards, Slingo.

Depositing & Cashing Out


You won’t find yourself frozen out at Snowy Bingo if you want to get money into your account. You can use a valid debit or credit card, PayPal or Paysafecard. You can deposit any sensible amount from £5 upwards.

Cashing out

Withdrawals are also available from £5 and up and take 48 hours to clear. You are allowed to deposit to a card or your PayPal account as long as you have already used it to make a deposit. After the processing period it will take around one to five days before your cash out appears in your account.

These are standard terms that we wish were better.

Snowy Bingo Social

The best way to defeat a freeze is to cuddle up with someone and get friendly. You can do this at Snowy Bingo (even if it ain’t chilly) by logging on, choosing a bingo room and getting talkative in any attached chat room. Each room has its own chat moderator who makes sure the atmosphere is never icy, and that everyone treats everyone else with respect. It all makes for a heart-warmingly friendly time.

There’s a Snowy Bingo page on Facebook but we think it has nothing to do with this particular bingo site. Nothing from them on Twitter.

Snowy Bingo Mobile

Finding a Snowy Bingo app is about as easy as finding a polar bear in a blizzard. There simply isn’t one but don’t despair as you can still play at the Snowy Bingo mobile site on your device, and with zero issues as long as you only play when you can guarantee a dedicated internet connection.

Just pop along to the site on your iOS or Android-powered device using your usual browser. The site will work out that you are using a phone or tablet to view it and will tailor your experience accordingly. You’ve no need to do anything else.

Our Final Thoughts on Snowy Bingo

Snowy Bingo has taken the basic Dragonfish site template and slapped their branding all over it. This is fine as lots of sites do just that, but others are a little more inventive. We would have certainly liked to have seen more inventiveness from our snowy chums, but that wasn’t the case. An ‘okay’ site then, that could have been better?

Have you frolicked at the Snowy Bingo UK site? Is it a site you frequent regularly? Do you think our Snowy Bingo app is fair? Please, share your opinions with us via a comment or by leaving your own review.

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