Buzz Bingo Wants Punters Back: News |

A popular bingo club in the North-West of England is calling on its members to return to play.

Since reopening in mid-August 2020, the Buzz Bingo venue in Blackburn says that its visitor numbers have yet to return to the levels that it enjoyed before the COVID-19 pandemic led to its temporary closure back in March.

The club’s general manager, Sean Connolly, told the local press that he and his team are eager to reassure players that the club has put in place high levels of security and safety to keep them safe.

Mr Connolly says that all employees have undertaken “full COVID-19 safety training” and that the club has altered the layout of its tables and seating to maintain social distancing, as well as trying to ensure that queues to enter the venue are limited. Staff are wearing masks, hand sanitising stations have been provided throughout the venue, and floor markings help customers to remember to keep their distance.

He adds that “business was slow at first when we reopened” in August but is beginning to pick up again. However, he’s concerned that the national lockdown has left many bingo fans concerned that it’s not safe enough to go out and, therefore, he would like to reassure them that Buzz Bingo Blackburn views the safety of its visitors as paramount.

Before the pandemic, the club typically welcomed hundreds of players through its doors each day with all ages being represented, but the majority is made up of people over the age of 55.

Mr Connolly says although some of his regulars have returned in recent weeks, he’s “not seeing the very old customers coming back in since lockdown ended”. He believes that this may be due to people having to self-isolate and others being concerned about the safety measures that entertainment venues such as Buzz Bingo have put in place.

To address any such concerns, the Buzz Bingo Blackburn team wants to “get the message out there that we are safe” and are eager to welcome their customers back.


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