Buzz Bingo Cut-Price Designer Bag

Everyone wants a piece of designer fashion in their wardrobe at some point in their life, whether you’re lusting after a pair of Louboutins, a Chanel purse or a Gucci belt.

One of the biggest British stars in the fashion industry is Lulu Guinness who’s been selling elegant and highly sought-after handbags since 1989.

Last year, Lulu brought us the autumn “it” bag that both stars and the general public couldn’t get enough of. And bingo fans were quick to notice that the Bibi tote bag bore an uncanny resemblance to a 75-ball bingo ticket.

After a number of celebrities including the model, Bella Hadid were “papped” while sporting the Bibi bag, the ultimate limited edition accessory sold out within 24 hours.

Although not everyone could afford the £175 price tag at the time, the Bibi bag remains high up on the most-wanted list for dedicated followers of fashion.

Luckily, the clever people over at Buzz Bingo have been getting creative and have created a similar version of the Bibi for just £1.75.

Buzz Bingo announced the exciting news on its Instagram and Facebook pages just the other day. Unlike the Lulu Guinness version, Buzz’s bag comes with clear handles and the centre square features the Buzz Bingo logo, naturally!

Buzz’s social media team asked whether it “should start selling them in club”, and it cheekily offered Bella Hadid the opportunity to trade bags if they threw in a free “game of Breakfast Bingo”.

One eagle-eyed reader pointed out that the bingo card featured on Buzz’s bag incorrectly includes the number 92, to which the social media team responded, “we wondered how long it would be before someone noticed” along with a crying face.

According to various internet sources, Buzz Bingo may even start selling the bags in its clubs and donate any proceeds to the NHS.

Buzz Bingo loves to look for ways to put even more fun into bingo and they have succeeded once again.

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