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Camelot recently pulled away from the £10 scratch cards from gambling shops, fearing that the low-priced cards could fuel gambling addiction. It has ordered all shops to withdraw the £10-a-play games were from shops across the UK.

The move was cited as important because of “player protection considerations.” Speaking to I newsletter, a spokesperson for Camelot that the company’s player protection programme that researched and polled players. It also looked at game designs to ensure that its offering doesn’t fuel problem gambling.

The company registered £3.1 billion in sales from online instant win games and scratch cards last year, which included the £10 scratch cards. The company doesn’t break down the number by price or games, but its decision to pull out the cards suggest that they must have contributed significantly to the sales figure. The Camelot spokesperson also said the scratch cards was inconsistent with that of legal leisure activity.

The spokesperson added that Camelot wants all its customers to enjoy gambling in an enjoyable and healthy way. He said that the scratch cards were used more by problem gamblers. He added that none of the games by Camelot have experienced high association with problem gambling. But as operators of the National Lottery, they want to ensure that the best player protections are put in place.

All tickets have been removed from gambling shops effective immediately. According to some estimates, players of National Lottery have less than 1% risk of addiction. In cases where the tickets have already been sold, all winnings will be honored.

The Camelot spokesperson said, “Commission is satisfied that this decision reflects the primacy of our first two duties and was necessary and proportionate.” There is expected to be some negative impact on good causes, but Camelot is assured that it will be helpful for a small minority of users who may be prone to addiction.

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