Casino World New Feature

FlowPlay, a game developer based in Seattle, US recently launched its latest offering- Casino World. The gambling themed mini-games collection offer free-to-play options to the users. The company allows users to access the game collection directly via their web browsers. Developers have added a quick and easy sign-up option for the games, almost as an afterthought.

The game is available to play within 45 seconds of signup and offers a ton of welcome gifts. It comes with slots, bingo and solitaire game styles. The developers are heavily influenced by their previous offering Vegas World, launched in 2012. Some games have directly been lifted from the previous iterations. Both games feature social gameplay options, allowing users to enjoy a real casino environment with their friends virtually. FlowPlay even suggests that some couples who met at Vegas World went on to get married.

Casino World comes with a graphics update on its predecessor and also comes with a tycoon feature. It introduced a billionaire Mr. Cash to the players who give them an empty lot in the game. This area allows users to construct their own buildings and a series of attractions as well. This small lot lets users earn money in the game passively and create their own casino empires.

The game marries gambling with a friendlier version of monopoly with Mr. Cash constantly providing you new upgrades and building blocks to keep the cash flow coming. Games are free in for all players and players always earn fake money. However, if they are interested, they can buy Gems in the casino using real money. These Gems can be traded for Charms which allow the users to earn a small income off the game. For those who love the game, there is also a VIP option that comes with a monthly fee.

The game presents a large number of free playing opportunities for the users while the purchase options add more cosmetic upgrades or speed to the highly addictive gameplay.

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