According to a document received, the cousin of a D.C. Council member was listed as the chief executive officer of a business, which would receive about 3 million dollars under the deal of casting the deciding vote for a no-bid gambling contract.

A $215 million contract for a five-year-long project was awarded to a Greece-based gambling company known by the name Intralot by the D.C. official. This contract mainly concerns with the managing of the city lottery and an online sports betting program, which is coming up real soon.

Keith McDuffie who is the cousin of D.C Council Member Kenyan R. McDuffie received a document submitted by Intralot which consisted of all the plans and a point of contact as the CEO of Potomac Supply Co. Potomac company would receive 3 million dollars for five consecutive years in order to supply commercial paper products to Intralot.

However, in a response, Keith McDuffie said he has no involvement in the matters of the supply made by Potomac. Okera Stewart who is listed as the company’s owner in the corporate filings stated that Keith is just an old friend and has no involvement in the financial matters of Potomac Supply. He stated in an email that Intralot has by mistake identified Keith as the chief executive of Potomac.

The executive of Intralot, Byron Boothe who signed for the subcontract on the 7th of June, didn’t respond to any phone call or email when reporters asked him to comment on the matter. Also, a local businessman, Emmanuel Bailey, whose company is a major shareholder in the gambling contract, refrained from commenting on the matter as well.

When Keith McDuffie was contacted via a phone call and was asked to comment on the matters, he said that he had no idea about Potomac Supply. But, he declined to comment on the matters of his involvement with any kind of lottery business or sports gambling.

Keith McDuffie is one of the founders of J.L Terrell Construction, which has the same address listed on the records of the city registration as that of Potomac Supply. And, the address is H Street NE.

Kenyan McDuffie expressed his misgivings on the matters discussed by the D.C Council whether to circumvent or not the usual process of bidding in order to award the sports betting contract based on a single source.

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