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A woman from Darlington was recently found to be funneling over £5,000 to fuel her gambling addiction. The woman stole all this money from her husband’s businesses.

According to the Newton Aycliffe Magistrates’ Court, the woman called Denise Postgate asked customers of her husband’s business to make payments upfront. She then gave them her own personal account details instead of providing the bank account information of her husband. Her husband is Gary Postgate, a builder.

When the customers wanted to call the builder for understanding the schedule of their orders, Denise easily intercepted the calls of her customers and made some excuses like the van was broken or that a family member had been arrested. She would go on to say that some of her family members have gone missing. She even told them that her husband was in the hospital and he was fighting a life-threatening disease or a serious illness.

According to prosecutor Lee Poppett, Denise received more than £5,000 in three months between October and December 2018. Two of these victims had a very close relationship with Mr Postgate and have worked with him previously as well. He said that one of the victims had been working with Mr Postgate for years and also had immense personal trust as well.

He went on to say that Denise approach Mr Postgate for a quote related to one of his work carried on a rental property. She asked the victim to pay money upfront to cover the cost of materials. After that, the victim paid them £1,500. The victim said that despite calling them on numerous occasions, he was not able to connect his calls. Denise then gave him some excuses about why the work was not completed.

The victims eventually found out the trouble. The couple was found to be in good health and financially secure and were not going through the issues that were claimed by Denise.
According to the prosecutor, Denise had a habit of playing Bingo which led her to commit this fraud. Initially, her losses were only £20 or £40, but she started to play a lot more because of which she suffered some losses. She then took loans and used her credit cards to handle the losses. When nothing else worked, she started funnelling funds from her husband’s business.

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