Wills and Kate Meet OAP Critic: News

One of the reasons why so many Brits love William and Kate is that they’re not afraid to show their human side. In fact, they can often be seen letting their hair down and having a laugh in photographs and videos, as well as giving up their personal time to help those in need.

Just 3 months ago, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided to brighten the lives of the residents of a care home in Cardiff during the early stages of the national COVID-19 lockdown.

They hosted a virtual bingo session via a video call for the occupants of the Shire Hall home in Cardiff Bay, Wales in May 2020. Although the royal family has never before been drafted in to help as bingo callers, by all accounts, Kate and William did a pretty good job. They even manage to get some of the ball calls like number 2 (one little duck) right!

However, you may remember that the royal couple came under fire from one care home resident who complained that although the bingo session was “very good”, it “wasn’t as good as it should have been.”

The tongue-in-cheek feedback instantly propelled 87-year-old, Joan Drew-Smith into the hearts of the nation, and even Kate and William took it on the chin that they were outshone by an OAP.

This week, the royals were able to visit that Cardiff Bay care home in person, thanks to the recent easing of lockdown restrictions in Wales. Naturally, one of the first residents that they wanted to be formally introduced to was Joan!

The Duke asked Joan if she remembered her previous criticisms of his bingo-calling skills. As if to prove that 87-year-olds are just as quick-thinking as the rest of us, Joan immediately quipped, “Yes. You did a b****y sh***y job,” causing both Will and Kate to roar with laughter. They din’t take offence or have her whipped off to the Tower of London and the rest of the visit went without a hitch.

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