Gala Bingo Launches Club Bingo Online

Although bingo halls across England have started to open up and venues in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are expected to follow suit in the coming weeks, many players have discovered that there’s another way to enjoy a bingo club experience while maintaining social distancing or even shielding at home.

Gala Bingo has created an exciting new concept called Club Bingo which aims to bring all the excitement and atmosphere of its popular land-based clubs right to your living room. Plus, thanks to the power of modern technology, you can even get your friends to join you as you hunker down to play for a full house or two.

“Every night’s a bingo club night!” states the Club Bingo promotions page, and unlike many of the brand’s special offers, this one’s not time-limited.

The daily sessions include many of Gala’s club classics such as Ton Up Bingo and High Five Bingo.

To get involved, simply create an account if you don’t have one already, make a deposit and head to the Main Event room from 7.30pm from Monday to Sunday.

Every evening, there’s a special session such as Everyone Wins Monday, Nifty Fiftys Tuesday, Double Up Wednesday, and Big Money Friday, and each one offers players something different and fun to enjoy.

For example, on Everyone Wins Monday, there’s an extra £40 prize pot in each game that’s shared between all losing players. You can only take part by pre-buying your tickle bundle via the bingo lobby at Gala Bingo online.

Each session is hosted by a chat moderator whose job it is to ensure that everyone has as much fun as possible. Plus, if you want your friends to join you, one of you can host a video call so that you can chat in real-time while playing.

For more information, see the Club Bingo page on the Gala Bingo website.

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