ASA Rules Over Foxy and Betfair Ads: News |

Each week the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) publishes the outcomes of its investigations into consumer allegations of irresponsible advertising.

In recent new rulings, two popular gambling brands have been subject to the ASA’s watchful eye, with the Authority ruling on the side of one but against the other.

First up is Betfair Casino who caused a member of the public to lodge a formal complaint with the ASA back in July 2020 following the screening of the casino’s TV ad.

The complainant’s issue was with the portrayal of an actor who was sitting calmly waiting to board his plane while looking at his phone after hearing the final call announcement while other people rushed to catch their flights. As the gentleman finally approached the boarding gate, his phone displayed a “MEGA WIN” on Betfair Casino’s app while the words “When there’s a chance, there’s always a chance” appeared on-screen.

The complainant felt that the advert suggested that gambling took “priority in life by showing someone gambling in a time-pressured situation” and that, therefore, the ad was irresponsible.

However, after the ASA looked at Betfair’s response, it determined that the ad “did not portray or encourage gambling behaviour that was socially irresponsible”.

The second ruling concerns the sister site of Foxy Bingo – Foxy Games.

One of the brand’s paid-for Google search ads was flagged to the ASA after a member of the public took issues with the tagline “make money online”, stating that the advert was irresponsible by suggesting that people “could achieve financial security” by playing at Foxy Games.

The owner of Foxy Games, Electraworks, subsequently told the ASA that the ad was shown in error and had been immediately removed following the complaint.

The ASA upheld the complaint as it agreed that it breached its CAP Code which states that “advertisers must not suggest that gambling can be a solution to financial concerns” or “a way to achieve financial security”.

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