Get Ready for Gala Live Showtime! News

Get ready to go live with Gala Bingo because something big is coming to this big British bingo brand any day now.

According to a video that was recently posted on the site’s Promotions page by one of Gala’s most popular hosts, Mack, the operator is planning some very special forms of entertainment to help keep us motivated through the autumn and winter months ahead.

The “very exciting announcement” mentions that something “fresh and new” is in the offing, and as Mack explains, the regular bingo experience will be taken to a whole new level thanks to the live entertainment that players will be able to enjoy while they’re playing their favourite bingo games at the site.

He also mentions that special guests will be part of the live events, so we can assume that he’s referring to celebrities. After all, Gala Bingo has already partnered with a range of famous faces in the past, including Stephen Mulhern, David Hasselhoff, and Paisley Billings.

Naturally, there will be “lots of prizes” available as well. Hopefully, this could mean that along with cash, there could be physical prizes. Mack has already mentioned that some of the potential goodies that might form part of the promotion include playing quizzes with the Chasers from ITV’s The Chase and meeting the stars of Coronation Street. He also urges players to keep an eye on Gala’s Promotions page for further details of an exciting upcoming live event involving Boyzlife’s Brian and Keith.

Last week, players were able to catch up with CM Mack in the City and Castle rooms at Gala Bingo from 8 PM on Halloween where he hosted a range of spookily fun games and gave out “prizes galore”.

Looking forward, there’s still time to enter the £1m prize draw which runs until 9th November 2020 while Gala’s Free Bingo Ticket Giveaway promotion closes on 22nd November.

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