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GambleAware, the charity that commissions national prevention and treatment services to keep the public safe from gambling harms, has just announced that it plans to create a UK-wide network of people with real experiences of gambling harms.

The network will form part of an 18-month programme that is estimated to cost £70,000 to £90,000 to run, and the programme’s key objectives are to establish a target operating model format before creating and operating a “Lived Experience” network that will allow its members to provide “crucial” insight and input to “all levels of service delivery, research, policy and legislation formation”.

Before making its announcement about the plans for a “single, inclusive network which is representative of all people with lived experience of gambling harms”, GambleAware undertook a review in order to identify important factors and components used in other sectors to develop similar support network infrastructures.

The charity has just released an invitation to tender for its latest project, and once the network is up and running, it hopes that its members will be well-placed to influence both policy making and national debate around gambling harm.

The UK Gambling Commission already has a similar network in place which it created earlier this year. The Experts by Experience group is designed to help the Commission develop and strengthen its recommendations and advice on effective player protections and harm reduction policies.

GambleAware is independent of the Gambling Commission although it has a framework agreement in place with the UKGC.

As a charity, GambleAware is funded by voluntary donations from the gambling industry, and it’s guided by an independent board of experts who act as trustees and work primarily in the UK health sector.

GambleAware is responsible for the creation of the National Gambling Treatment Service as well as multiple public health campaigns. It also provides practical support to schools, GPs, debt advice agencies, prisons, and youth workers.

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