The students of Stockton University, who are into the world of gambling can be spotted at the slots, at the corner stores purchasing lottery tickets, or probably on their mobile phones betting on the NFL games. A survey was conducted by the New Jersey-based Council on Compulsive Gambling along with the Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Tourism, and Hospitality.

In the survey, some light was shed on the lives of the young adults of the Atlantic City. More than five hundred students of Stockton University over the spring semester responded to the survey. The survey results can prove to be substantial in a finding of the impact of the resort’s casinos because of the proximity with the school.

The director of the Council on Compulsive Gambling, Neva Pryor stated that the survey reports shall be useful for the council to counteract the ongoing trends and then strengthen their treatment and prevention messages. Among the respondents of the survey conduction 71% were women; out of which 64% have gambled before and 21-percent among them did it for the first time before 18 years of age.

About three percent of the respondents of the survey conducted expressed the despair caused to them because of gambling in the past three months. And, the shocking part is among the ones who said about the problems caused to them started gambling from a very young age and were allured by the possibility of jackpot winning.

The lead researcher of the study and also an associate professor at the Stockton University, Dr. Jane Bokunewicz stated that she was pleased to find out that the percentage of students suffering from serious gambling-related issues have decreased within the past few years. In between the years of 2016 and 2019, the percentage of students being a victim of gambling-related issues has remained stable.

Bokunewicz added to her statement that around 2.55% of students reported suffering from gambling issues in the year 2016; while the percentage in 2019 increased to 3%, which is somewhat stable. The research said that 52% of people played slots, 30% played casino, 43% played the lottery, and 28% have bet on different sports.

The women respondents were more into lottery and slots while among the men table games and sports betting were popular. Dr. Jane was expecting a disparity but gambling proved to be played by higher-percentage of women as compared to men.

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