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It’s been a long year 2020 and bingo halls across the country are only just starting to open up from the lockdown period. However, with many people still avoiding the halls and events like Bongo’s Bingo still on hold, one of everyone’s favourite online bingo sites, PlayOJO, came to the rescue. Play OJO recently added bingo to its menu andheld an exciting drive-in bingo event to publicise the fact! Gemma Collins was in attendance to host the night on September 10th where everyone had a spectacular time.

The PlayOJO Drive-In Bingo Event

There is no other game that is quite able to adapt in the same way that bingo does and despite being around for centuries and moving from halls to online bingo, we have another reinvention during the COVID-19 pandemic and that is drive-through bingo nights.

This was an event hosted by PlayOJO in Manchester and Gemma Collins was invited along to host the drive-in bingo night, call out numbers and dish out lots of fantastic prizes to deserving winners.

Gemma was the perfect star to host the event with her loud and bubbly personality, ensuring everyone at the event had an amazing time. As well as hosting and calling out the numbers she even got a bit of karaoke in there too as the reality star chose to sing Nothing I Can’t Do by Robbie Craig. If you want, you can head on over to her Instagram page to check this video out for yourself!

Gemma thanked the event for having her and even shared later on Instagram that it took her right back to her roots as a Romford girl who loved garage and partying, saying that she is still exactly the same.

Who Else Was There?

Alongside Gemma Collins, there were a few other famous faces in attendance at the PlayOJO bingo event. Lots of players were incredibly excited to see the nostalgic pop band from the nineties East 17, who played lots of their biggest and best hits. Players sang along to catchy pop tunes like Stay Another Day, And If You Ever and House of Love.

Not only that, to complete this drive-in bingo experience, the iconic Mr Motivator was there! He was there to help everyone lose a few of those lockdown pounds by getting everyone to join in on a bespoke in-car body workout.

Tickets for the Event

What was really cool about this event was that the tickets weren’t on sale. Instead, there was a prize draw that you could enter to get a ticket for your car and then you could invite your family or friends along with you.

Fingers crossed we’ll be seeing more fun events like this from PlayOJO, as everyone sure does need a brilliant evening like this right now to keep them entertained.

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