One of the most renowned games since time immemorial –Grand Theft Auto updated a new casino to its online game. With this game, players can buy chips, win or lose, and gamble everything. This casino gaming has been a part of GTA since a very long time but has been introduced to the online version quite recently. The players of the game have been very excited with the news as they now will be able to play some blackjack with all the dollars they have gathered over the years.

As a matter of fact, some players after being aware of the news arrived at the casinos to gamble with the GTA dollars, it was inaccessible to them and this was mainly because of the gambling restricted laws followed in their country. Players in the countries of Iran, Peru, Vietnam, and Iceland were unable to access this feature of GTA.

They reportedly stated that they were able to enter into the building of the casino, buy a penthouse there, successfully interact with other players as well, but failed to gamble virtually. Whenever the players from these countries tried accessing the feature to gamble online a popped up message appeared stating that this feature was unavailable to them.

The Casino functions just as real-life casinos, where the players make use of their GTA cash to but the chips which they use to gamble at the table games and the slot machines. The players can also make their bets on horse races. Although the players will never be able to cash out the online money into real life, the government of some countries is still skeptical about the whole deal.

Some of the players who have been waiting for years for the introduction of this casino feature into the online game are unable to play it. Not only is this message popping up on the screens of the players living in the countries which ban gambling but also players residing in some countries where gambling is totally legal are encountering with it.

Also, the rules and regulations of gambling are very erroneous and the laws of restrictions are too strict and messy. Another issue encountered is that these mini-gambling-games exist online. Therefore, the restrictions and regulations faced by the player shall be quite different from that of the conventional ones.

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