This weekend, Union Market’s rooftop is all set to be the venue for everything related to bingo. It includes the artwork which is inspired by this well-known board game along with 3 rounds for the life-sized bingo game involving 75 persons. In this bingo game, people are the chips.

These free events come as a part of the Let’s Play which is an interactive and fun exhibition put up by the D.C. based designer and artist Maggie O’Neill. In her statement concerning her artwork, Maggie mentioned that this exhibition shall allow the people to get a glimpse of her artwork while she exhibits a rather experiential level of artwork.

For the last 2 years, the artist has been the host of several bingo parties and brunches with her close friends. After each of these events, she collected the bingo sheets used by the players. Now, these particular sheets have started surfacing as the major component of all her artistic practices. She has even started making bingo-based beach towels and leggings. The same sheets are the base for her artwork comprised of 30 pieces that shall be up for purchase during this event.

A section of these proceeds shall be donated towards the Children’s National Hospital, a place that hosts multiple bingo nights dedicated to the patients in the hospital. O’Neill was mesmerized with the bingo game around 3 years ago. This was when she attended the bingo night which was hosted by Southeast based American Legion. According to O’Neill, the game was very fascinating to her. There were people of various kinds showing sportsmanship. The entire environment was bursting with a sense of happiness and joy. Even though the room wasn’t attractive in the generic sense, the things going in the room were very happening.

She was aesthetically and graphically drawn to these sheets, designs, and the colors. So, she started enquiring if she could collect these bingo sheets used during the game. At that time, she thought that these sheets could be used as wallpapers gave their amazing fabric. That was then and O’Neill stepped into the world of Bingo never to quit. She mentions that this event is more than just a way for folks to experience the work in complete colors. The event is also about enjoying moments and joy associated with the game of Bingo.

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