While Chicago is taking five locations into consideration for the establishment of a casino, a gambling rival of Indiana is making plans of expanding as well. The owner of two Michigan riverboat casinos in Gary, Spectacle Entertainment made announcements of moving the gambling operations to a site with a 40-crore project located right next to Interstate 80/94.

Spectacle Entertainment shall become a partner with Hard Rock to manage the 400 million dollar casino, which is located at a distance of 18 miles from Harborside location on the 111th Street and close to Bishop Ford Freeway. This is one of the prime locations selected by the council of Chicago in order to expand its casino business.

It is being said that the announcement made by Spectacle Entertainment in expanding its business just after a month of Governor J.B. Pritzker signed a bill to allow the construction of a larger casino in Chicago and expand gambling in Illinois, cannot be considered as a mere coincidence, rather a pre-planned agenda.

Various casino companies including Spectacle Entertainment in the northwest of Indiana notice that the money they have been earning from the gambling business has started to drop in a few years of time. The Chicago area players that move on to Hoosier State to gamble are one of the only hopes of the casinos in Indiana.

To improve the business of casino in Indiana, four of the casinos provide free daily shuttle buses that only run to pick up the Illinois gamblers from different locations. The new Hard Rock casino in Gary is to become one of the biggest casinos of Indiana when it comes to the number of table games and slot machines available here. The casino is also going to consist of a Hard Rock Café and a venue where the Hard Rock Live concert shall be performed.

The general counsel of Spectacle Entertainment, John Keeler said that the legislation of Illinois being passed has opened up new opportunities and has served as a catalyst for the company to pair up with Hard Rock. The legislation was prepared in the month of March of the previous year and was waiting for the approval of the commission of the State to acquire the casinos.

Hard Rock can be compared to be the Rolls Royce of casinos and the partnership is certainly going to help Spectacle Entertainment to move out of the water and shift to a good commercial location, says Keeler.

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