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BBC Radio 1 has many very popular segments and one of the most watched and listened to has been the iconic Innuendo Bingo. Unfortunately, after a 13 year run and problems with running the segment with Covid-19 this year, the decision has been made to cut it. Maya Jama will be the last celebrity to take part, after filming the show pre-Covid, and apparently it’s a very wet one that viewers won’t want to miss out on.

The History of Innuendo Bingo

Innuendo Bingo started way back in 2007 but it had a much looser format. Radio 1 DJ, Scott Mills, still was the one to start this funny game but it was clips of innuendo comments made by other radio DJ’s that he would use. Using media clips did not come until later the show’s history!

The game took on a proper format with glasses of water and it was around this time that it became known throughout the country. The radio DJ’s Scot Mills and Chris Stark played the games with Mills acting as the host and Stark being one of the players. The other player would be a celebrity invited on. They would both drink lots of water to fill their mouths and sit across from each other. The innuendo media clips were then played and the players would have to try and not laugh or risk spraying the player opposite them with a lot of water.

It definitely isn’t a game for those who are prude, but for many, it was a childish bit of fun! Over the years, a whole host of famous celebrities took part and here are a few of our favourites.

Will Ferrell

One of the most watched segments of Innuendo Bingo with 4 million views was when, very surprisingly, Will Ferrell agreed to take part. Even afterwards the Mills and Stark commented that they couldn’t believe the A-list Hollywood actor/comedian did it! Being a comedic genius himself, it was very hard to make Ferrell break and the funniest part of the show ended up being Stark spilling a lot of water on Ferrell and being very embarrassed about the whole thing! In fact, Will Ferrell looked bored by the whole thing and purposely did not break his face.

Kylie Minogue and Hugh Jackman

By comparison when Kylie Minogue took over as host whilst Scott Mills as on holiday in this special edition of Innuendo Bingo which also featured Hugh Jackman, they only managed 1.5 million views. This was another hugely popular segment of the show as everyone loves these two A-listers.

Daniel Radcliffe and Matthew Lewis

Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and Matthew Lewis have both taken part in Innuendo Bingo on spate occasions, exciting the many millions of fans of the series. Radcliffe must have enjoyed his first time doing it so much that he came back a second time to try and stop himself laughing at innuendo jokes from British television programmes. Matthew Lewis had a hard time keeping a straight face, which made for a very entertaining, and wet, show.

Rachel Riley

Rachel was clearly a big fan, having agreed to take part at least 4 times over the years. She has had some big numbers of viewers – reaching 2.4 million for an early visit, but dropping to just 176,000 for the latest. Maybe it was this kind of decline that led to the segment finally getting the chop.

Others of note

Greg James wore a suit!

Chris Ramsay was a total crack up.

Davina McCall

Olly Murs

Lorraine Kelly

Gerard Butler

Peter Andre

And hundreds of others.

Don’t forget to catch the last episode of Innuendo Bingo on BBC’s Radio 1 live with Scott Mills or you can catch up on the app.

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