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If you’re thinking about starting to play online bingo, you might (like with any online slot or casino game) be wondering whether it’s as fair and square a game as the operators would like you to believe. You could also have recently begun playing and keep seeing the same winners’ names pop up, leading you to question whether the games are rigged.

In this article, we aim to clarify exactly how online bingo works and put your mind at ease that it’s completely fair.

To begin with, we must point out that to be 100% confident of the fairness of the games, you’ll need to check that you’re playing at a fully licenced and regulated online bingo site. You can either check for the UK Gambling Commission logo in the website’s footer or check out any of the bingo brands that are recommended on our site.

Random number generators

With online bingo, computer software is used to pick the balls instead of a real-life bingo caller, and to ensure that the numbers are called in a fair and unbiased order, bingo sites rely on Random Number Generator (RNG) software. This technology is routinely checked by regulating bodies and by internal inspections by the operators themselves to prevent tampering.

Random ticket generation or pick your own

A site will never know how a player is going to select tickets – again this is a totally random exercise. There could be three players or three hundred and there are games every few minutes in multiple bingo rooms. It would take some fancy technology to ‘rig’ all that.

Licenses are expensive and easy to lose

To become a bingo operator incurs a lot of expense, not least of which is the cost of the licence to set up in the first place. There are many hoops to jump through and regulations to follow to get and keep a licence and it does not make sense for an operator to take risks with the licence once they have it.

Why some players win more than others

So, we know that the games can’t be fixed, but how does this explain why some people seem to win more frequently? Well, the likelihood is that these players are investing more time and money than others.

For example, if Player A only ever buys 1 ticket for a game while Player B always buys the max number of tickets, Player B’s chances of winning are much higher than Player A’s.

You will also be less likely to win if you play when there are hundreds of people all trying to win the same prizes. For this reason, many online bingo players look for quieter rooms or play at less busy times of the day such as early in the morning or late at night.

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