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NetEnt is known for its wide range of fantastic live casino games and now they are expanding their library with the addition of Baccarat. The developer is releasing its first Baccarat live casino game which has been praised already for its high speed and scalability that meets the need for new gaming variants.

What Type of Baccarat Live Games has NetEnt Developed?

NetEnt has developed three speed Baccarat tables. One game is a stand-alone tablet and this uses the software developer’s Chroma key technology to give their operating partners a solution that can be instantly customised to suit their own casino brand.

The other two new Baccarat games are in the physical NetEnt studio and will be a brilliant addition to their current range of live casino games which consists of Blackjack and Roulette. Players will already be aware of the high-quality of these live casino games and so these new tables that each have 2 different camera angles for ‘maximum immersivity’ is very exciting. Furthermore, they are very scalable these games as there is no limit to the number of players that can be reached simultaneously.

What Did NetEnt Say About this New Launch?

NetEnt’s live director, Andres Rengifo, said that this new live game variant will help the software provider to reach new players as well as support the requirements of partners who want innovative game variants. He added that this helps their partners attract wider and more diverse audiences.

As well as launching this new live gaming experience, NetEnt has had a busy 18 months with many different product advancements. This includes developing its physical studio and securing new deals with reputable partners in countries such as Lithuania and Sweden. There is no doubt that while times are challenging at the moment, NetEnt is flourishing and looking forward to the next 18 months.

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