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The Sazka Group has announced that it has entered the tender process to be considered for the new UK National Lottery licence. So far, they have completed the Selection Questionnaire set out by the Gambling Commission, which is the first stage of the process.

Who is competing for the licence?

Camelot is the group who currently hold the licence for the UK National Lottery, however, this will expire in 2023. The group has been operating the lottery for almost two decades, starting in 1994. When the current licence runs out this will leave the door open for other groups, such as Sazka, to make their case for the new licence. Camelot is still expected to enter the competition for the new licence to continue operating the UK National Lottery.

Who is Sazka Group?

Sazka Group is well experienced in running national lotteries as they are responsible for organising the lottery in many different European countries. This includes Greece, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic. They are the first group to enter the competition so far, but we are likely to see more names in the hat soon.

The CEO of Sazka Group, Robert Chvatal, said of the group throwing their hat into the ring that they are the market leader in operating lotteries across Europe and that they would be thrilled to be chosen to operate the UK National Lottery. He also noted that their submission displays their technical capabilities and professional track record.

The Sazka Group is also currently hiring a team in the United Kingdom and building partnerships that would be required to operate the lottery. They say they have a good understanding of exactly what the UK National Lottery needs to be efficient for both stakeholders and customers.

New Gambling Commission Lottery Rules

The Gambling Commission very recently made changes to the lottery licence as they opened up the tender process. This included a 10 year fixed term licence for the winner of the contract and more flexibility to increase returns to good causes.

If Sazka makes it through the first stage of the tender process, they will then be invited to submit their application. However, we won’t hear who has won this tender until September 2021.

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