Mecca Bingo gives out big prizes

Whether you prefer to play bingo games or side games, you might have wondered at some point when it’ll be your turn to take home a prize worth shouting about.

Of course, winning £10 or even £100 is cause for celebration, but what about those juicy jackpots and big wins that you read about in the news?

Well, two lucky members of Mecca Bingo have recently discovered that anyone can potentially enter the winners’ hall of fame.

Like many popular online bingo sites, Mecca Bingo has several social media accounts, and one of the most active is on Facebook.

In the past week, the brand’s social media team announced two big wins, and there are sure to be more in the coming days.

The first player is called Shamor, and she pocketed more than £35,000 thanks to The Gold Mine. Shamor is planning to makeover her bedroom with some of the winnings, and Mecca has asked her to send in some photos when it’s completed.

The Gold Mine is a progressive community jackpot that’s exclusive to the Gold Rush room at Mecca Bingo. When it’s won, it awards 50% to the full house winner and the remaining 50% to players who’ve bought tickets for the winning game.

The second big win was awarded to a player who goes by the alias, Helenandpete. She scooped the £36k Premiere Platinum jackpot, and she and her husband are planning on retiring before enjoying a trip to Majorca with the proceeds.

Premiere Jackpot games form part of the regular bingo schedule, and the Diamond Jackpot is worth a minimum of £10,000.

The Platinum Jackpot which was won by Helenandpete reseeds at £5,000 and has frequently paid out over £10,000.

There are a further three jackpots on offer – Gold, Siler, and Bronze – which offer fixed prizes of £100, £50, and £10 respectively.

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