Buzz Bingo in Coventry Set to Open 24/7

Despite concerns from a local resident, Coventry Council has approved an application from Buzz Bingo’s owners to allow its bingo club on Radford Road to open 24/7, subject to conditions.

Previously, the venue was licensed to open its doors between 10 AM and 12 AM from Monday to Saturday and from 12 PM until 12 AM on Sundays.

The club’s owners submitted plans to the local council requesting to alter the layout of the area which houses its slot machines as well as its reception area while simultaneously asking to remove any restrictions on its operating hours.

The proposal initially sparked concerns from one of the locals who was concerned that the current issues faced by nearby residents would become worse. Some of the issues that were previously raised to the council include club members smoking and drinking outside the front of the venue, parking issues caused by bingo players on residential roads, litter, and noise at night.

A meeting was due to take place on Monday, 10th February 2020 which would allow the council’s licensing committee to hear (and potentially address) the application and the resident’s concerns. However, following last-minute discussions with the club’s owner and the objector, the meeting was cancelled, and the application was subsequently approved.

The Coventry-based bingo hall now has the freedom to open its gambling area 24/7. However, the council’s approval includes certain conditions as to where members are allowed to drink and smoke as well as park. It also states that due to government legislation, only the gaming machines may be used between 12 AM and 9 AM and not the bingo facilities.

A spokesman for Buzz Bingo says that the structural changes and extended operating hours form part of the brand’s “long-term plan”. They also said that the company strives to offer its players the “best possible experience” while also working “closely with our communities and neighbours” to ensure that “a level of respect is maintained for all”.

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