Buzz Bingo Player Continues to Dispute Winnings

A woman who won £3,000 at a Gloucester bingo hall back in December 2018 claims that she is still owed £1,000 in winnings.

Just before Christmas 2018, Rhiannon Hawkins visited her local Buzz Bingo club along with her mother. She says that several of their other friends were also present that night.

Once the main game had taken place, it was time for the players to enjoy the nightly linked game, which sees all the customers at Buzz Bingo clubs across the UK compete for the prize pool.

Rhiannon was naturally excited as she dabbed her way closer to the big prize and was overjoyed when she was the first person to claim the full house. However, her celebrations were short-lived due to an alleged error.

The electronic board which is used to advertise the three main prizes for the linked game had been displaying £3,000 for a full house, £2,000 for two lines, and £1,000 for one line. As Rhiannon had marked off all the numbers on her card, she believed that she had won the top prize of £3,000. The amount was also confirmed by the caller at the linked club.

Once the game had finished, a club employee approached Rhiannon to check if she was happy to receive two-thirds of her winnings in cash straight away, with the remaining £1,000 to be paid via cheque on collection. The lucky winner was happy to agree to this suggestion and was handed paperwork confirming the arrangement.

However, on returning to the club a couple of days later to collect her cheque, she was informed that the advertised prize was incorrect and should have been amended and announced before the linked game began.

The manager claims “it was mutually agreed” that Rhiannon would keep the £2,000 cash but not the cheque. However, she has been taking legal advice ever since and remains adamant that she is still owed the extra £1,000 as originally advertised.

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