Content Warehouse to host Bongo's Bingo

Six months after it opened, a warehouse in Liverpool has finally been granted planning permission by the local council to operate Bongo’s Bingo events for the next five years.

The Content warehouse is situated in Cain’s Brewery Village in the city’s Baltic Triangle’s, and it was built specifically to host these popular bingo sessions.

Up until last summer, Bongo’s Bingo was hosted in the popular bar, Camp and Furnace. However, following an ongoing legal battle between Camp and Furnace and the game’s creator, the city bar has continued to host bingo nights under a different name.

Planning officers at Liverpool Council have approved the planning application for Content on the basis that the building will be used as “a multi-use space that offers music, concerts, a dance hall, and bingo”.

Bongo’s Bingo sessions will act as the venue’s “main event”, and they offer players “a twist on traditional bingo”, as they include entertainment from guest artists such as live comedy, dancing, and music. Players are often encouraged to take part in dance-offs, catwalk competitions, and mini-raves. The prizes are often unique and quirky too and have previously ranged from mobility scooters and Henry vacuum cleaners to karaoke machines and giant pink unicorns.

The sessions run every Friday and Saturday evening, as well as on significant days, like bank holidays.

Although the concept for Bongo’s Bingo was developed while Jonny “Bongo” Lacey was working at Liverpool’s Camp and Furnace bar, it took to the road in 2015 and has travelled as far afield as Bournemouth, Brisbane, Glasgow, Paris, and Sydney. Plus, over the Easter weekend, Bongo’s will be heading to a popular nightspot in Amsterdam. The company behind the events also caters to private parties and charities.

Bongo’s Bingo is currently sponsored by WKD and is operated and licenced by the UK Gambling Commission.

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