Foxy Bingo Site Considers Revising its Bingo Lingo

According to several British newspapers, Foxy Bingo is currently debating whether to update its ‘bingo lingo’.

In an effort to make its product more appealing to Millennials, the popular online bingo site is considering revamping its old-fashioned bingo calls.

For example, one of its current calls, “time for tea 83” would become “gluten-free 83” while “Christmas Cake 38”, would become “avocado on a plate”.

It’s also said that the site may remove bingo calls that could be considered offensive, and as a result, it looks as though royal members “Wills and Kate” will replace the traditional call for number 88, “two fat ladies”.

Foxy Bingo is a brand that has always aimed to be all-inclusive and avant-garde. Its mascot is an anonymous actor in a fox costume who speaks with a thick Lancashire accent. More recently, the role of Foxy has been performed and joined by a number of celebrities in its TV commercials and other advertising campaigns, including the Hollywood actress, Heather Graham, Katie Price, Nikki Graham, Jim Bowen, Christopher Biggins, and Stacey Solomon.

The brand’s slogans have included terms like ‘random fun”, and it visibly reinforces the social and fun side of online bingo rather than pushing the prizes that can be won.

The Brands Director of Foxy Bingo, Jonathan Bowden, says that while land-based bingo halls have continued to decline in number and popularity over the past 30 years, the forward-thinking UK bingo site is “seeing a record number of younger players”. As a result, members of the Foxy community have been asked to vote for their favourite new calls which Mr Bowden hopes will “switch things up”.

Foxy Bingo was launched by Cashcade (a subsidiary of GVC Holdings PLC) in 2005. It also has a sister site called Foxy Games, which offers video slots, jackpot slots, casino games, Slingo, and live dealer games.

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