Jonny Bongo wins court case and rights to Bongo Bingo

Months after legal proceedings got underway, Jonny Bongo and his business partner have finally won their battle to keep the rights to the Bongo’s Bingo brand name.

The court found that Joshua Burke and Jonathan Lacey, a.k.a. Jonny Bongo were indeed the creators of the original concept and that they should, therefore, be allowed to own the intellectual rights to the Bongo’s Bingo brand name.

Although the pair at jubilant at the court’s conclusion, Jonny describes the months of legal wrangling as “horribly tough”.

The court case saw Jonny and Joshua take on Liverpool’s Camp and Furnace venue where the Bongo’s Bingo events were originally hosted before being moved to the city’s Concept warehouse.

Although Camp and Furnace continued to run its bingo nights in 2020 after Jonny moved his events to Concept, the company dropped the Bongo’s name. However, it demanded that Jonny’s firm, Shua Ltd, continue to pay it a share of Bongo’s Bingo profits.

Jonny argued that he and Joshua Burke had “conceived and designed” the brand, and as part of the recent court proceedings, started that Camp and Furnace “was simply a venue which housed the show that we created”, and that it had “played no part whatsoever in this process”.

Speaking to the press following Manchester High Court’s decision, Jonny says that “every single one” of Camp and Furnace’s claims “were rejected”. He also thanked his supporters for helping them through a “very difficult and challenging process”.

Bongo’s Bingo usually runs weekly events at Concept in Liverpool but has also toured in other countries and UK cities and organises private parties. Currently, due to the government closing all non-essential venues and shops, the brand has taken to Twitch to host Bongo’s Bingo nights via live streams. You can find out more by visiting the Bongo’s Bingo Facebook page.

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