Bingo hall to check temperature in fear of Corona virus spreading

Fears over a potential global Corona virus outbreak have been felt across the world, and many of us have been left worrying about how it could impact our health, our holidays, and even our finances, if not stopped.

Within the UK, several new cases of the virus have emerged in the past week, and now it appears that bingo halls are taking a stand to help control the potentially fatal disease.

As a precautionary measure to protect its employees and customers, Palace Bingo has decided to deny anyone access to its club on Church Plain if they have a temperature of over 37.4 degrees.

The popular bingo hall, which enjoys a seaside location in Great Yarmouth, implemented its new safety measures on February 28th and has yet to refuse anyone entry as a result.

The managing director of the Palace Bingo chain (the latter of which also has an online bingo site), Patrick Duffy, explains that he made the decision to introduce the health checks as “every business has a duty of care when you bring people in numbers together.”

As he says that the Great Yarmouth club can often have 60 to 70 customers attend the venue on any given afternoon, anyone with a temperature of more than 37.4 degrees would be advised to call 111.

Mr Duffy reports that most Palace Bingo players are happy that the company is “taking the time and trouble to make sure they are safe”, and that only two customers have objected to the temperature checks. Plus, as an extra level of safety, the Great Yarmouth club is receiving a deep-clean each morning.

Palace Bingo operates bingo clubs in Felixstowe as well as London and Great Yarmouth, and it was founded over 30 years ago by Patrick Duffy in a bid to give players value for money, “a pleasant and comfortable experience”, “staff that truly care about them”, and “an enhanced prospect of winning”.

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