Prescription Wait Leads Lady to £50k Bingo Win

A Scottish bingo player recently got a dose of her own medicine in the best possible way.

The 63-year-old woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, was visiting her local chemist to pick up a prescription but was told that she would have to wait 20 minutes for it to be prepared.

Preferring not to hang around gazing at the shelves until her order was ready to pick up, the lady decided to make better use of her time by popping into the Mecca Bingo club just down the road.

The popular venue in Great Western Retail Park in Drumchapel often hosts national jackpot nights where all Mecca Bingo clubs link up via an electronic system to play a national jackpot game.

Although the same game has recently created big winners in Oldbury, Wrexham, and Blackpool, the Drumchapel club has not seen any of its players hit the big time since one of its regulars scooped £10.8k back in 2018.

It would seem as though the club’s general manager, Duncan Anderson, was more shocked than the lucky £50k winner. He says that she remained “really quite calm” as her win was announced but adds that “I don’t think it sunk in how much she’d won”.

Mecca’s Drumchapel bingo hall opened its doors in 1995, and it’s just one of 77 venues that host the National Bingo Game. As well as offering in-club prizes, the game awards £100 to the first player to call a full house in 24 numbers or less. However, the bigger prizes can be gained by getting a full house in 20 numbers or less (£1,000) or 16 numbers or less (£50,000).

The Rank Group, which owns the Mecca Bingo brand, has also been fortunate in recent weeks. At the end of January 2020, it reported that its half-year revenues had soared to almost £400m.

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