Gambling Commission Suspends Addison Global's Licence

The UK Gambling Commission has recently been carrying out a series of reviews of some of the online gambling operators that it licences and regulates.

The other week, it made the decision to suspend the licence of Matchbook’s operator, Triplebet Limited, after concluding that it may have breached section 120(1) of the 2005 Gambling Act.

The Commission has now cracked down on a second online operator, Addison Global Limited, which owns the live football betting and casino site MoPlay. Once again, the revocation of the licence (which is being called an “interim suspension”) is based on a potential breach of the 2005 Gambling Act’s section 120. As a result, the Gambling Commission believes that Addison Global Limited is “unsuitable to carry on its licensed activities”.

The loss of its UK licence means that it’s illegal for MoPlay to continue offering gambling services to UK players. However, the operator is allowed to give existing customers limited access to the site so that they may withdraw any funds. Addison Global also has the authorisation to settle any outstanding bets and pay out the respective winnings that are due to its players.

Currently, a discreet message appears across the top of the MoPlay website, advising customers that it “cannot take any further bets or accept any other gambling activity”. Furthermore, it advises anyone who’s concerned about the situation to email its support team.

MoPlay was launched by Gibraltar-based Addison Global Limited in 2018 and acts as Addison’s flagship brand. MoPlay has previously formed official betting partnerships with both Watford FC and Manchester United.

It has run into difficulties before, although not due to the UK Gambling Commission.

In 2019, Manchester United filed a US civil complaint with MoPlay’s marketing representative. The football club asked for compensation to the sum of $11m, citing unpaid sponsorship income as the reason for the complaint.

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