Why a Tory Government is Good News for the UK Gambling Industry

You can say what you like about Boris Johnson (and people usually do), but you cannot deny he has achieved what seemed unthinkable just a month ago – retaining his place as the UK’s Prime Minister and with a sizeable majority.

As the UK rushes headfirst over the cliff that is Brexit, at least one business sector is happy that the Conservative Party have been returned to power, and that’s the UK’s gambling niche. The Tory’s main rivals – Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats – were both promising big changes to the UK’s gambling laws. The Tories barely mentioned online gambling in their manifesto at all, other than the promise that they will “continue to tackle gambling addiction”. They did though mention that the UK’s current Gambling Act “is increasingly becoming an analogue law in a digital age.”

Labour’s intensions were much more far-reaching, including the complete ban on all forms of gambling advertising in sports, which would have been a blow for football in the UK as the majority of professional football teams are sponsored by gambling companies, both UK-based ones and foreign-based betting sites.

The LibDem’s were going to get even tougher. All gambling companies were going to be forced to pay a levy in order to fund education, research and treatment concerning problem gambling. They were also intending to ban the use of credit cards completely in order to fund any form of online gambling.

Thanks to Johnson’s victory, the UK Gambling industry will now not experience the turmoil that many had predicted if either Labour or the LibDems had succeeded in forming a majority government. It will be the Government’s priority to deal with Brexit and the rumblings thereafter, so it’s unlikely that any sweeping changes to the UK’s Gambling Act will be made in the immediate future.

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