On Tuesday, the D.C. Council finally approved the sole source based contract for Intralot, the Greek Gaming Firm to help manage a flourishing online betting sports & lottery program based in the capital of the nation.

This contentious voting session was conducted among 13 council members, of which the contract was approved with a 7-5 vote. However, the council expressed concerns with regards to the sum of $215 Million and the 5-year deal. This became entangled in the ethics of the scandal involving the chief champion and council member named Jack Evans.

Eventually, several lawmakers voted a yes. This was despite the previous qualms with regards to the involvement of Evans. This involvement was accompanied by the council’s resolve to suspend the competitive rules for bidding. This paved the way for the firm, Intralot to create a monopoly in terms of sports wagers that are placed on computers and phones.

Phil Mendelson, the Council Chairman mentioned that if this contract is turned down, there shall be another 2 or 3 years before the contract is put in place. He further added that there shall sure be protests with a good load of controversies, disputes, and delays. Any delay, even minor might lead to a significant loss of money and time.

A major section of this contract shall benefit the local subcontractors that do not have extensive sports gambling sector record. This is also true for contractors with political connections. Among these subcontractors are Mayor Muriel E. Bowser, Kenyan Council Member R. Mc Duffle, and D.C. Council Members.

Elissa Silverman, a council member mentioned that given all of the ethical clouds surrounding this building as well as the contract, the law implementation needs a pause. We have to restore the trust of the public. However, contract approval shall continually erode this possibility. But Mendelson mentioned that the subcontractors that might profit from this deal need not be concerned as the subcontractors haven’t been selected by District government. Moreover, rejecting this sole-source contract is most likely going to create a fresh lobbying blitz for the local companies that are trying to achieve approval for the new contract.

Mendelson further added that the district doesn’t have any relationship with subcontractors. This means, the government didn’t actually choose them or pay them and hence, cannot actually fire them under any pretext or rule.

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