Paddy Power Announces Closure of Mobile Casino App

Paddy Power has announced that it will be closing its casino app in August 2020. However, if you are a Paddy Power player then there is no need to worry as the operator is simply moving all their online gaming content to the Paddy Power Games App.

Why Is Paddy Power Closing their Mobile Casino App?

Paddy Power has made the decision to close its mobile casino app and this does seem to be a good move for the company. At the moment, the group has a variety of different betting apps for each area of their business. For example, they have the Paddy Power Casino app, the Paddy Power Games app, the Paddy Power Bingo app and the Paddy Power Sports Betting app.

The decision to remove the casino app makes sense for both players and the company. For players, it means they can enjoy playing all of their favourite games in one place, whether that be slots or casino games, and it is much more convenient. There won’t have to be lots of switching between apps to find the games you want to play, which players are sure to appreciate. Plus, it will be available in iOS and Android devices, so no matter which one you use, there will be an app ready for you to download.

For the company, this is also a wise moved. Having just one app with all the gaming content will be a lot easier for them to manage and they can focus on making this single app better for players, rather than spreading their attention thinly. It also means that they are likely to see increased revenues as players don’t have the same inconvenience as they did before and it is less confusing for players when they are trying to decide between multiple apps to download.

What Can I Expect From the Paddy Power Games App?

At the moment, the Paddy Power Games app does not have the most glowing reviews on iOS devices, but hopefully this new change will increase its star rating.

In this app, you can expect a huge variety of slots. This includes classic slot game such as Cleopatra, Rainbow Riches, Genie Jackpots and Starburst. You will find over 200 games to enjoy playing here plus a range of casino games including roulette, blackjack and more.

If you are already a member at Paddy Power, simply download the app and sign in with your usual account details to get started playing anytime, anywhere. Remember, however, that the sports betting section is still located on a separate app.

Consolidation and simplification seem to be a theme at these wider ranging gambling sites as bet365 has also announced the closure of its separate Vegas slots section, consolidating the content into its Games tab.

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