Apple Pay

Launched in 2014, Apple Pay became the first smartphone-enabled payment scheme that allowed people to make real world and online purchases using their iPhone or iPad. It has since been followed by copy-cat Android-based smartphone payment systems such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

Apple Pay works by allowing customers to connect one or more debit or credit cards to an Apple Pay app on their iPhone (or, less commonly, their iPad). The app then lurks in the background, waiting for the customer to make a real-world purchase where they can may a contactless payment. When the app detects that a waiting contactless terminal is nearby, it springs into action and using the phone’s tech, completes the contactless payment. The payment is then charged to the bank or credit card account of the card that was used.

The Apple Pay service can also now be used to make online payments, including deposits at some online casinos.

Why Use Apple Pay?


Keep yourself safe online

Like many other indirect financial service providers, Apple Pay acts as a buffer or barrier between your bank account and your credit card account. Because there is no direct connection between the online bingo site or casino site you are making a deposit at and your bank account and credit card account, your important financial details are kept safe.

You are notified by the app whenever you make an online or real-world purchase. If someone should manage to ‘hack’ your account and use it to make a purchase, you would be notified immediately.

Nothing to set up …

… once you have downloaded and installed the app and connected a card to it. When you are making real world payments using Apple Pay, it’s simply a case of holding your phone close to the contactless payment terminal. When you are paying online, it is almost as easy!

No fees to pay

There should be no fees to pay to use Apple Pay at an online casino or bingo site. Apple will charge the merchant for the use of their service, but the fees are minimal as are the fees charged by the card services provided. Most online wagering sites so not pass these fees back to the customer.


Not yet universally accepted

The acceptance of Apple Pay in the real-world in the UK has pretty much been universal. Anywhere where you can use contactless payments you can use Apple Pay. Sadly, the take up by online bingo sites and casino sites has not been so enthusiastic.

There are only a few sites that actually accept online payments via Apple Pay. As the UK (and indeed the world) moves primarily cash-free, it’s extremely likely that more and more online wagering sites will accept Apple Pay as a means of making a deposit.

No withdrawals

At the moment, Apple Pay will only work for deposits, and not withdrawals.

Is Apple Pay Banking Friendly?


To get depositing using Apple Pay, you need to access the online casino’s cashier on the same device on which you have your Apple Pay app. Once you have located the cashier, simply choose the amount you want to deposit, and Apple Pay as your means of depositing.

Your Apple Pay app will start up and you will be presented with a screen outlining your payment. Depending upon how you have your device set up, you may have to enter your username or password, or use fingerprint or face-recognition technology.

Once you are successfully logged in, you can then approve the payment. The money should appear in your online Apple Pay bingo or casino account instantly.


As has been previously outlined, you cannot make a withdrawal from an online wagering site using Apple Pay.


Again as has been previously outlined, there should be no fees levied by the online bingo or casino site for using Apple Pay, but make sure you check the site’s T&Cs, just in case.

Opening an account

You do not need to open any kind of account with Apple Pay to use this service. Just download the app to your device if you want to use Apple Pay online or in real-world situations. You will also need to connect your debit or credit card to the app if you want to use it, which you can do simply by using your phone’s camera to take an image of it.

Our Final Thoughts

If you have an iPhone or iPad then you are probably extremely accustomed to the outstanding convenience offered by the Apple Pay app. Who would have thought five years ago that you would be able to pay for goods and services simply by holding your phone close to a contactless payment terminal?

It’s only natural then that you would want the same levels of convenience online, and although the number of online bingo sites and casino sites that accept Apple Pay is relatively small, it’s surely a number that will keep growing and growing.

One day you should be able to use Apple Pay at every online casino that’s available!