Boku Pay by Mobile is perhaps the most popular way that UK people use their mobile phone bill for when they want to deposit money at online bingo, slots and casinos sites. Instead having to faff about with credit cards, debit cards or eWallets accounts and passwords, players simply use Boku Pay by Mobile to pay what they need to deposit, up to a set maximum. They are then charged their deposit amount on their next mobile phone bill.

There are other ways of paying at online bingo and online casino sites using a mobile phone bill, but Boku Pay by Mobile is perhaps the most widely accepted by mobile casino, and the by the most UK-based phone companies. Boku itself is based in San Francisco in the United States, but it also has offices in London, San Jose, Munich and Mumbai.

Why Use Boku Pay By Mobile?


The ultimate in convenience

Virtually everyone in the UK has a mobile phone, and therefore virtually everyone in the UK has a mobile phone account. As long as you don’t have a ‘top up’ account (i.e. you have a mobile carrier account in which you receive a monthly bill) you are likely to be able to use Boku Pay by Mobile. You will also need to make sure your mobile carrier is either EE, O2, Three or Vodaphone. You may not be able to use Boku is you are with Virgin Mobile.

If you are okay to use Boku, then you have no need of setting up yet another payment account in order to facilitate online payments.

It’s secure

All payments to Boku are made via your mobile phone, and your mobile phone only. If you set up a Boku payments system, then all deposits you make must be approved by you via SMS messaging before they can go ahead. This means you will not need to let your credit or debit card numbers, or your bank account details out there loose on the worldwide wagering web.

The only problem you could face is if your mobile phone is stolen and someone pays via Boku before you disable your SIM card.

Boku is accepted at a lot of places

If an online bingo or casino site is likely to offer a ‘pay by mobile’ facility, then it is likely to choose Boku, making it the number one option for people who want to deposit at such sites via their mobile phone. Boku can also be used as a payments system online in other places such as Facebook, Spotify and Google Play


You’re limited

You cannot deposit as much as you like when you use the Boku Pay By Mobile service. The limit is set at £30 per day. This limit is set to protect Boku users from fraudulent use of their accounts.

No withdrawals

You have to have a suitable mobile account to pay via mobile. As no online casino wants to spend time authorising payments from their mobile accounts there is no way that Boku Pay By Mobile can be used for withdrawing money from online bingo and casino sites.

Is Boku Pay By Mobile Banking Friendly?


Depositing via Boku Pay by Mobile is extremely easy. Just log on to the site at which you want to deposit money, head to the cashier and choose Boku Pay By Mobile as your deposit option as well as the amount you want to deposit and your mobile phone number. You will then receive an SMS message on your mobile asking you to confirm the transfer.

Reply as requested to the SMS message. Your deposit should then be confirmed, and you’ll be free to wager with your deposited cash within minutes.


As has been already mentioned, you cannot withdraw from any online bingo or casino site using Boku Pay by Mobile.


Sadly, nearly all online Boku Pay by Mobile casino and bingo sites charge fees. Some charge as much as 15 percent. In such a case, a deposit of £10 would only give you £8.50 to wager with.

Make sure you are aware of Boku Pay by Mobile fees when you sign up for an online casino and try and choose sites that do not eat up so much of your deposit every time you use the Boku service.

Opening an account

There’s no need to open an account with Boku when you want to deposit at an online casino. Your deposit money is added onto your mobile phone bill account, so Boku Pay By Mobile simply provides the service.

Our Final Thoughts

If you are in the UK and want the convenience of paying using your mobile phone bill, then Boku Pay by Mobile is definitely the way to go. It’s especially suitable for players who prefer to play online bingo and slots on their mobile.
There are downsides too, such as the hefty fees and ‘no downloads’, but if you don’t see those as show-stoppers, then Boku Pay by Mobile is most definitely for you.