Instant Payments is a service that has been offered by a company called Citadel since 2000. Citadel is a business that now has several branches all over the world (the UK arm is called Citadel Commerce UK and was created in 2005) but originated in Canada. The company is now based in the UK.

The Instant Payments service is available to customers in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Like many other similar services, Instant Payments by Citadel works by directly linking your online banking system with the merchant you are paying, which in this case would be an online bingo or casino site.

Why Use Instant Payments by Citadel?


You remain secure when you use this service

Instant Payments by Citadel acts, if you like, as a buffer between your bank account and the online bingo or casino site that you are sending money to. Your money passes to Citadel, who then immediately send it on to the site. As you are signing into your internet banking system securely (and indeed Citadel do not receive details of your internet banking) you do not have to share your most intimate financial details with the online site you are using.

You can keep your debit and credit card numbers safe and secure, as well as your important bank account details.

You do not need to set up a Citadel account

Although having an eWallet is convenient for online payments, opening another eWallet account would simply add to the list of accounts that you have to maintain. Bank accounts, saving accounts, a PayPal account, credit card accounts … it can be hard to keep track of your money if it is in multiple accounts.

With Instant Payments by Citadel you can forget any need to open yet another account. This service uses an existing account (your bank account) to make payments.

You can make payments via your mobile device

If your mobile device allows internet banking access, then you will be able to use Instant Payments by Citadel on your phone or tablet, but only if your online bingo site or casino site has a mobile cashier.


Not available everywhere

When you want to use Instant Payments by Citadel you need (a) to find an online bingo site or casino that offers Instant Payments by Citadel as deposit option and (b) to have a bank account with internet banking facilities with a bank that allows Citadel access to it. In the UK virtually all major banks are happy to allow Instant Payments.

No withdrawals

Like all similar systems, you cannot make withdrawals to your bank account using Instant Payments by Citadel.

Is Instant Payments by Citadel Payments Friendly?


Using Instant Payments by Citadel for deposit options is extremely easy. All that is required is a bank that has internet banking facilities, and that has an agreement with Citadel to allow those services to be used by external parties. If your bank ticks both boxes, then you are free to use Citadel.

Go to the cashier at the online bingo or casino site that you want to make a deposit at and choose ‘Instant Payments by Citadel’ as your deposit option. You may also need at this stage to select the size of your deposit.

An applet should open that will allow you to enter your online banking credentials. Complete the procedure as instructed to okay the transfer of funds from your bank account.

Once everything has been okayed, your money should be available to wager with almost immediately.


As has been mentioned previously, you cannot make any withdrawals from online bingo or casino sites using Instant Payments by Citadel.


There should be no fees for you to pay when you use Instant Payments by Citadel. Some online Instant Payments by Citadel bingo or casino sites may try and charge you fees, but such sites should be avoided in preference for those that don’t.

Opening an account

There is no need to open an account at Citadel in order to use their Instant Payments system. The money is transferred directly from your bank account to the online wagering site that you want it to end up at. Citadel acts as a service provider in this manner, so there is no need to open an account with them.

Our Final Thoughts

The type of service offered by Instant Payments by Citadel is already popular across mainland Europe, but it is one that has not really caught on in the UK. Not many people probably know that such a system is possible, as most online bingo and casino players default to credit/debit cards or eWallets. Instant Payments by Citadel is very convenient, though.

There are downsides too, such as the lack of online sites offering this service and that no withdrawals are possible. If you want though to explore a different option to plastic or an eWallet, then why not give Instant Payments by Citadel a shot?