credit & Debit Cards Payments*As of mid April 2020, Credit cards will be banned in the UK for online gambling.

Debit cards are your real ‘go-to’ guys when it comes to online bingo, casino and slots sites. You could try and search for an online bingo or online casino site that doesn’t accept debit cards, but you might be searching for a long time!

Debit cards have only been around since the 1980s and take money directly from your bank account. Visa and MasterCard are by far the biggest issues of debit cards. Visa also issues Electron cards which can be used for instant purchases (and are not accepted by everyone) but only if you have enough funds in your bank account. Maestro is the MasterCard version of the Visa debit card.

Why Use Debit Cards?


Available everywhere!

As mentioned above, practically every online casino accepts Visa and MasterCard debit cards. If you sign up for an online bingo or casino site, you’ll be able to use your debit card, no problem.

Instant transactions

Any deposit made via a Visa or MasterCard debit card is typically available for wagering instantly.

Relatively safe

All licensed online bingo and casino sites use encryption when you send sensitive information like your debit card numbers to them. Identify theft is something of an issue when it comes to card use, but you are much more vulnerable to identify theft when you hand your card over to someone when making a real-world purchase.

Using your card(s) online is less likely to put you in danger of financial miscreants than using it for real-world transactions.


Slow withdrawals

It’s a common practice for online bingo and casino sites to delay a debit card payment, especially in comparison to eWallets. There will be a ‘pending period’ followed by a ‘three to five day’ transfer time. It can take up to a week to get your withdrawn cash into your bank account.

In truth, the ‘transfer time’ is complete garbage. Transfers via a debit card should take less than an hour. Your online site is simply trying to hold onto your money as long as it can, so that it can earn interest of off it.

Several online bingo and casino sites now offer instant withdrawals to Visa and MasterCard debit cards, which is how it should be.

Is Debit Card Banking Friendly?


To deposit via Visa or MasterCard you just need a bank account that has a debit card attached. When it comes to depositing time, select your desired option via the cashier, type in your card number, the expiry date and the CVC number on the back. Choose how much you wish to deposit and okay the transaction.

You may have to go through further verification checks that are issued by the card provider, but once everything has been given the green light your deposit should be processed.


Once you have used a debit card for a deposit, it will then be available to use for a withdrawal. Your card details will be stored by the cashier so you will not have to select your card unless you have several cards registered.

Choose the withdrawal amount and okay the transfer and hey presto! Your money should be with you within a few days.


Most online casinos do not charge fees for using a debit card, but a few do. When you sign up for an online casino, bingo or slots site, it’s always best to stick to a site that does not charge for debit card deposits or withdrawals.

Your card issuer may charge fees, so make sure you are aware of any.

Opening an account

If you have a bank account, then you probably already have a debit card. Debit cards typically double as ATM cards too. If you haven’t got a debit card, then you will need to apply for one.

Our Final Thoughts

If you want the easiest way to get money into an online bingo, casino or slots account, then use your debit card, or apply for one. You will then never encounter issues in getting money into your account.