GiroPay is an online payment system that originated in Germany. It is not to be confused with and has nothing to do with Girobank, which was a Post Office-based bank account service in the UK that ceased operation in 2003.
Like its rival Sofort, GiroPay acts as a services provider rather than an online eWallet like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. GiroPay is very firmly a German company, being introduced in 2006 via cooperation by Deutsche Postbank, Star Finanz, Fiducia IT and GAD, which were all German-based financial organisations.

Not all German banks participate in the GiroPay system, but over half of them do. It was mainly set up as a way of allowing Germany people a way of paying for services online, and for merchants to accept online payments in a way that negates the need for debit and credit card payments.

Why Use GiroPay?


A safe and secure way to transfer money from your bank account

There are plenty of people who are reluctant to share too much information about their finances online, such as debit card, credit card and bank account numbers. Typing in those important numbers on the internet always carries an element of risk, as those details may end up somewhere where you do not want them to be.

With GiroPay, you do not have to type in anything. GiroPay acts as a link between the merchant you are paying (such as depositing at an online bingo, casino or slots site) and your bank’s internet banking facility. Therefore you do not have to risk your financial details falling into the wrong hands.

No fees!

Using GiroPay is free if you are a customer. There are fees involved in GiroPay’s services, but they are minimal and are charged to the merchant. Online GiroPay casinos and bingo sites (i.e. ones that accept GiroPay) should not pass the cost of using GiroPay onto you and if one does, then it’s an online site that you should perhaps best avoid.


Not available for UK customers

GiroPay can only be used at banks with which GiroPay has brokered agreements. As there are no banks that have agreements with GiroPay in the UK, this means that GiroPay is not available for customers in the UK.

No withdrawals

Like all similar services, the use of GiroPay is strictly one way only. A customer can pay a merchant using GiroPay, but a merchant cannot pay a customer. This means that you cannot withdraw from an online GiroPay bingo, casino or slots site to your bank account.

If you have only made deposits using GiroPay at a wagering site, then you will need to establish an alternative means of cash transfer when you want to make a withdrawal.

Is GiroPay Banking Friendly?


It should not be too difficult to use GiroPay to deposit money into an online bingo or casino account. If you head to the site’s cashier, you will see that using GiroPay is among the options available. Choose that option and select the amount you want to deposit.

An applet of some kind will open asking for your internet banking logon credentials. You will also receive what is known as a transaction authentication number, or TAN for short. By entering your TAN you are confirming your identity and that you authorise the proposed deposit.

Once you have confirmed all these steps your money will be transferred from your bank account to the online bingo or GiroPay casino site you are using. All deposits made via this method are usually performed in a few seconds.


As has been previously mentioned, you cannot make a withdrawal from an online casino or online bingo site with GiroPay. You will need to set up an alternative payment system in order to obtain your funds.


Again as has been previously mentioned, there are no fees as a customer if you want to use GiroPay to transfer money over the internet. Any fees should be taken care of by the merchant.

Opening an account

There is no need to open an account with GiroPay, and indeed there is no physical way of doing so. GiroPay is simply a service that links your bank’s internet facilities with the merchant you are paying money to. GiroPay itself does not keep any of the money that you transfer.

Our Final Thoughts

There lots of similar services to compare to GiroPay, but they all seem to do what they say they will do with identical levels of effectiveness, so it is very hard to decide which is the best. The scope of GiroPay does seem a little limited as it is only available to potential customers in Germany and a few regions adjacent to Germany with authorised access to German banks.

The other main issue with GiroPay is that you cannot facilitate withdrawals with this service as it’s very much a payment-only system for customers.

If your favourite online bingo or casino site accepts GiroPay, and you have an account with a bank that accepts GiroPay connections, then you can add GiroPay to your options for making online casino deposits.