Neosurf is a way of getting money into your online bingo, casino or slots account without the need of exposing your credit or debit card details, your bank details or managing an eWallet account. It is similar to paysafecard but is not as widely accepted or as popular.

You can buy a Neosurf eVoucher from any one of a number of retailers around the world. Any retailer that possesses a Payzone terminal can supply a Neosurf PIN. If you do not know a local retailer with this facility, then you can go to the Neosurf website and enter your postcode. You will then be presented with a list of nearby Payzone outlets.

You hand over cash to purchase your Neosurf card or voucher, which in reality is simply a receipt containing a Neosurf PIN number. This PIN number can then be used for online purchases.

Why Use Neosurf?


Keeps your banking details safe

Most people are happy to share their banking details over the internet, but others are afraid of hacking and identify theft. If that describes you then Neosurf could be your ideal solution. Debit cards, credit cards, and bank accounts simply do not come into the equation. You purchase your Neosurf PIN using cash, and then use your Neosurf PIN to pay online.

No need to maintain any kind of Neosurf account

NeoSurf is a means of making payments, as opposed to a payment services provider. In effect, your money is ‘resting’ at Neosurf until you use it via your PIN code. There is no such ‘account’ as such, so you do not have to bother with account numbers, online banking IDs and passwords.

You can check your Neosurf balance at any time

If you forget how much cash you have remaining on your Neosurf card, then you can check it any time online. You can use the site via your desktop PC, or you can download a Neosurf app for your Apple or Android-powered phone. Just enter your Neosurf PIN number to see how much money is remaining on your card.


You can’t withdraw to Neosurf

It is not possible to withdraw to a Neosurf virtual card. Your Neosurf PIN is unique to you and you can only use it for payments. You cannot top-up your PIN, nor can online bingo sites or online casino sites withdraw to it.

Neosurf cards are one-time use only

You cannot top-up your Neosurf card if it is running low on cash, nor can you withdraw the cashback to your bank account or credit card. You can only use the cash on the virtual card to pay for services online, and nothing else.

Neosurf is not popular with online bingo and casino sites

Sadly, online casinos do not seem to be falling over themselves to offer Neosurf as a deposit option. If a site is going to offer an eVoucher scheme, it tends to prefer paysafecard.

You can’t recover your Neosurf PIN if you lose it

There is no record of who purchased a Neosurf PIN. This means that if you lose your Neosurf PIN then there is no way of recovering it, and your money is lost.

Is Neosurf Banking Friendly?


It is very easy to deposit money into any kind of online account using Neosurf. As outlined previously, you just need to go to any merchant with a Payzone terminal and purchase a Neosurf PIN using cash. You can purchase a PIN up to the value of £100.

Once you have your PIN just head to the site you want to use it at. Go to the cashier and choose Neosurf as your service provider. You will be prompted to enter your Neosurf PIN and the deposit amount. You can deposit all or some of the value of your card.

Once you have okayed everything your money should be available for wagering purposes in a matter of moments.


As noted earlier, you cannot withdraw via Neosurf. If you don’t want to choose a different withdrawal method, then your online casino will have to find another way of getting any withdrawal request money to you. Usually, this means a cheque which can take up to 14 days.


There are no fees normally with Neosurf. You will be charged a transaction fee if you are making a payment not in your national currency. If you do not clear your Neosurf balance within a year then it will be reduced by £2 per month until you do, or all the money on the card runs out.

Opening an account

No need to open any kind of Neosurf account and indeed it is impossible to do such as thing.

Our Final Thoughts

It’s a shame that more online bingo, casino, and slots sites do not accept Neosurf. It’s an ideal way of getting cash into a wagering account without the use of a credit card or bank account details.

If your chosen bingo or casino site accepts Neosurf then all well and good, but it doesn’t then you’ve no choice but to explore alternative options.