Neteller has long been established as a premier method of getting cash into and out of internet-based accounts, including online casinos and online bingo sites. It could easily be said that along with Skrill, Neteller is the most widely used eWallet at bingo sites and casino sites.

This article will inform you about all you need to know about the best Neteller bingo sites and casino sites, and how to use your Neteller account.

Why Use Neteller?


Faster withdrawals than credit and debit cards

One of the main bugbears when it comes to online bingo and casino sites is that they take too long to pass withdrawals back to players. Some online sites will take as long as ten days to process a withdrawal, which is not really acceptable.

If you use Neteller to process your withdrawals, then most online bingo and casino sites will transfer your funds quicker than if you use a credit or debit card, or your bank account.

Neteller is used everywhere

As we mentioned in the introduction, if you want to use Neteller to fund your bingo or casino playing, then your options are unlimited. There are only a handful of online bingo and casino sites that do not accept Neteller. In fact, until PayPal relaxed its ‘no online gambling funding’ rules, Neteller was the most common way for people to get money into their online wagering accounts without using a credit or debit card.

You can keep your bank account details secure

Most people use a bank account with online facilities to keep their cash these days. This allows for the ease of online purchases but carries with it the threat of identity theft or hacking. In short, no matter how protected you feel when online, there is always a risk.

If you use Neteller then you only have to share your bank account or credit/debit card details with Neteller. This means you can protect your account at online casinos or bingo sites. If your bank details are leaked online then you can address this with Neteller, and not be under threat if you have given your banking details to many sites online.


Not welcome bonus-friendly

Over the past couple of years more and more online bingo and casino sites have begun to refuse welcome bonuses to people who want to use Neteller as a payment option for the first welcome bonus that they use at the site.

This is because it is too easy to open a Neteller account without proper verification of who you are. With a credit or debit card, you usually have to have a bank account attached, and you cannot open a bank account without proper ID. Plenty of licenses (particularly United Kingdom Gambling Commission licenses) depend upon proper ID checks for players who want to deposit money.

While you might not be able to use Neteller for your initial deposit at a casino, you should be free to use it for subsequent deposit.


Neteller transactions usually come with fees attached. Some are charged by Neteller themselves, while others are changed by the Neteller casino or bingo site.

Is Neteller Banking Friendly?


Once you have set up your Neteller account, it is very easy to make deposits from it to any online bingo or casino site. As we pointed out above, you may not be able to make your first deposit using a Neteller account, you will be able to make subsequent deposits using Neteller.


Withdrawals to a Neteller account can only usually be performed after you have made a deposit from your Neteller account. Withdrawing from an online bingo or casino site is usually just as easy as depositing, and once you get past a gambling site’s ‘pending’ period withdrawals to a Neteller account are usually one of the speediest options available.


Not many online casinos and bingo sites charge fees for withdrawals, but some do, especially for small withdrawals. You can check the site’s T&Cs to see if you will be charged for making a withdrawal. Neteller itself is likely to charge you a small fee for the use of its services.

Opening an account

You don’t have to be a computer whiz to open a Neteller account. All you need is a valid email address. When you open an account, you will need to indicate your current country of residence, and your chosen currency.

Once your account is up and running you can add funding sources. You will need to make a note of your Secure Neteller ID which is how you identify your Neteller account to third-party vendors.

Our Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that it’s largely positive all the way when it comes to using this service at bingo and casinos that accept Neteller. Neteller is easy to use, secure, and you can usually transact deposits and withdrawals faster than other payment options. It is also probably the most widely used eWallet available for online bingo, casino, and slots sites.

The only disadvantage is that you may not be able to use Neteller for first deposits, or bonus claims. Other than that, Neteller is ideal as a payment provider at online bingo and casino websites.