Pay By Phone

As more and more of us are playing at online bingo sites and online casino sites using our mobile phones, it makes sense to have a method in place that’s as convenient as possible when it comes to deposits. True, you can download and set up apps that allow you to pay using an eWallet scheme, or one that links your chosen online or bingo site to your internet bank, but how safe and secure are they?

There now exists a handful of services that allow players to make payments on their mobiles in the simplest way possible. These services allow people to make payments for goods and services simply by using the mobile phone bill. These payments can include deposits made to online bingo and casino sites.

It’s a safe, secure and convenient way to manage online payments simply by using your existing mobile carrier account.

Why Use Pay By Phone?


Lots of options available

Probably the most popular service that allows players to make online bingo and casino deposits using their mobile carrier account is Boku Pay by Mobile, followed by Siru Mobile. Not only are these the two most popular options preferred by players, but they are also the two most popular options offered by mobile bingo and casino sites too.

There are other similar service providers to Boku Pay by Mobile, but these tend to be seldom seen at online wagering sites. These include PayByPhone and Payforit.

Play now, pay later

Just like paying with a credit card, all the deposits you make using any kind of ‘pay by phone’ service go onto your mobile phone account. If you have the type of account that presents you with a bill once a specified charging period is up, then you can make a deposit at an online bingo or casino site that you don’t actually have to pay for until your next bill pops onto your doormat (or appears in your inbox if you have switched to paperless billing).

We do not recommend loading up your mobile phone bill with countless deposits though as you could be facing a hefty bill at the end of your next charging period.

Simple to use, and secure

All that is required of you to facilitate payment from a mobile phone account is to push a few buttons and reply to an SMS message. There’s no need to set up and manage an account other than the one you already have.

The system is very secure too, especially as it means you will not have to type in all your important financial details online.


Limited deposits

You cannot simply deposit as much as you want from your mobile phone bill account. Most services have a limit as to have much you can deposit during a specified timeframe. For example, this limit when it comes to Boku Pay by Mobile and Payforit is just £30 per day.


Most online casinos will charge hefty fees when you use a pay by phone scheme, even though they may not charge a bean for debit cards, credit card, and eWallets. With some online bingo and casino sites this charge may be as high as 15 percent.

No withdrawals

Mobile phone payment schemes are strictly one-way, from customer to merchant. Merchants can use such schemes to permit withdrawals.

Is Pay By Phone Banking Friendly?


Despite the specific service you might select, the process of depositing at online bingo and casino sites using a pay by phone service is usually the same.

The first step is to head to the cashier. From there, select the service you want to use and the amount you want to deposit, and then input your mobile phone number.

You will be sent an SMS message asking you to confirm the transfer. Give your approval and the money should be in your online wagering account within minutes.


You cannot make a withdrawal from your online bingo or casino site using a pay by phone service.


Make sure you check for fees before you use a pay by phone service, as some online sites charge as much as 15 percent.

Opening an account

No need to open an account with your pay by a phone service provider, as the money you deposit is taken from your mobile phone account.

Our Final Thoughts

With any pay by phone service, you have the largest level of convenience, but you pay for that convenience in other ways. Sadly, most pay by phone online casinos see fit to charge quite hefty tariffs on top of your deposits, and you have to use other payment service providers in order to facilitate withdrawals. You are also restricted to the amount of cash you are permitted to deposit on a daily basis.

If none of these caveats sound like problems to you, and you prefer to play online bingo, slots or casino games on your mobile device, then pay by phone service might just suit you down to the ground.