Originally an off-shoot of eBay, PayPal has long been an entity in its own right. For almost two decades now it has been the prime method of enacting financial transactions over the internet without having to directly divulge details of your banking or credit/debit card details.

PayPal is now accepted by many online bingo, casino and slots sites, and indeed nowadays people feel that to be regarded as the best PayPal casino (i.e. a casino that accepts PayPal) on the internet, any site must accept quick and easy PayPal casino transactions that make getting money into and out of your casino account as simple as possible.

Why Use PayPal?


Keeps your financial information secure

PayPal, in effect, acts as a ‘buffer’ between any online gambling site that you want to deposit money to and subsequently withdraw money from. Many people are reluctant to share their most pertinent financial information with online bingo sites, even though almost every single online bingo site or casino site uses advanced encryption methods in order to protect data that is sent to them or transmitted by them.

You only need to share your credit/debit card info with PayPal

When you use PayPal you are sharing your details with PayPal and PayPal only, and not the online bingo or casino site. Nefarious people can still hack into your PayPal account (although such circumstances are rare) but at least you’d then only be ‘hacked’ in one place, and not across how many online bingo or casino sites that you have shared your financial details with.

PayPal is very easy to use

Once you have set up PayPal at any online bingo or casino site, it is very easy to use. If you set up PayPal on a secure device, you do not even have to enter a password when you make a transaction. On mobile devices you can even set up your PayPal account to use fingerprint-recognition technology, virtually removing the chances of someone gaining access to your PayPal account.


Slight risk of fraud or identity theft

Sharing your credit or debit card details or your bank account details online with PayPal carries a certain amount of risk, no matter how small. Your PayPal account can be hacked, but the chances are very, very small, especially if you use a complicated password.

PayPal is not universally accepted by online bingo and casino sites

Go back five years and you would struggle to find any online casino that accepted PayPal as a payment method. The number is growing and now it is easy to find casino and bingo sites with PayPal options.

Is PayPal Banking Friendly?


You will have no problems depositing and withdrawing at an online bingo or casino site that accepts PayPal. When you make a deposit, the site should just pop open an applet that takes you (briefly) to the PayPal site itself. You will then be asked to confirm your desire to make the deposit, and you may also be asked for your PayPal password (you can set up PayPal in a way that means as long as you are on an approved, secure device you will not need your password).


Withdrawals are just as easy. You simply state the amount you want to withdraw, and that PayPal is your chosen account. The money should transfer fairly speedily.


Most online bingo and casino sites do not charge fees for the use of PayPal, although a few PayPal bingo and casino sites do. It’s always best to consider the best PayPal casino and bingo sites for your needs as being ones that don’t charge for withdrawals.

You may find that PayPal charges fees for money transfers, particularly if you are transferring to a credit card, from a country that is different to your own or via a non-native currency.

Opening an account

You only need two things to open a PayPal account, those being an email address and a source of funding. Once you open an account and your email address has been approved, you can add your bank account, a credit card or a debit card. You can add a few different options meaning you can choose where your withdrawn money ends up.

Our Final Thoughts

PayPal really does have it all when it comes to funding your play at online bingo sites and online casinos or slots sites. It is very easy to open a PayPal account, and just as easy to link your PayPal account to the online bingo site or casino site that you want to use.

It is also secure, speedy and in most examples, free of fees. PayPal has been in operation for a long time (since 1998 in fact) and virtually everyone in the world who pays for items online has a PayPal account! If you desire safety and convenience at an online bingo site or an online casino site, then PayPal surely is your very best option.