Siru Mobile

Siru Mobile is a way of using your mobile phone bill to transfer money into your online bingo, casino or slots account. This payments system has been available since 2011 and was originally only available to players in Finland. It has since been rolled out to Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Like most online payment systems, there are advantages and disadvantages to Siru Mobile. You are limited by the amount of money you can transfer into a wagering account, and you can only use Siru Mobile if you have certain kinds of mobile carrier accounts.

If you only play at online bingo and casino sites using your mobile though, it’s perhaps ideal for you as a way of getting money into any online account.

Why Use Siru Mobile?


Easy to use

The Siru Mobile payments system is very easy to set up and use. In fact, as long as you have a suitable mobile carrier account, there is no set up required. You just select ‘Siru Mobile’ as your chosen payment option and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Very, very secure

When you use Siru Mobile at any online casino or bingo site, you are doing so by bypassing any bank account or credit card account that you would normally use, or any eWallet account. Such accounts may be connected to your mobile phone bill account, but via Siru Mobile you do not actually access them. This means that in the rare circumstance that someone attempts to hack your Siru Mobile payment, they will not be able to gain access to your bank or credit card account.

Higher deposit limits

Mobile payment systems usually have deposit limits and while this is true of Siru Mobile, the limit is one of the highest among all such payment services providers. For customers in the UK, the limits have been set for some time at £80 per day, and £500 per month.


Does not work with all carriers

You must have a certain type of account with specific carriers in order to use Siru Mobile. In the UK, those carriers are EE, Three, and Vodafone. You may be able to use Siru Mobile if you have a Virgin Mobile account, but you may also encounter problems. Some carriers such as GiffGaff are a definite no-no.

No withdrawals

You cannot use Siru Mobile for withdrawals, as the service is not available. This is strictly a one-way payment services provider, from customer to merchant. Siru Mobile bingo sites and casino sites (i.e. ones that accept Siru Mobile) do not have the capacity to make payments to your mobile phone account.

Is Siru Mobile Banking Friendly?


It is not too difficult to use Siru Mobile for deposits at your favourite online bingo or casino site. All you need to do is head to the site’s cashier and select Siru Mobile as your chosen payment method. You will need to enter your mobile phone number and the amount that you want to deposit.

Once you have okayed the transfer you should receive an SMS with a validation code. Some sites do not require the validation code. Once you have confirmed that you are fine with this transfer being made, the money should transfer across, and be ready to be wagered with at the site you are depositing to.

Your deposit will be added to your latest mobile phone bill, which you will need to pay during your normal billing cycle.


As previously stipulated, you cannot withdraw via Siru Mobile. If you want to withdraw your online bingo and casino balance, then you will need to set up an alternative payment system.


Unfortunately, there are usually fees to contend with when you want to deposit via a mobile phone account. The online bingo or Siru Mobile casino site will have some fees to pay for accepting Siru Mobile payments, and most of them pass those fees onto you.

Opening an account

You do not need to open an account with Siru Mobile in order to use this service, as all you need is a mobile phone account with an approved carrier.

Siru Mobile does have a Siru Wallet service which is basically an eWallet. This service is not currently available to customers in the UK, though.

Our Final Thoughts

There are plenty of people now who just play online bingo, online slots or casino games using their mobile phone. For such people, Siru Mobile is the ideal payment system. They are able to make deposits using their mobile phone and don’t even have to go fishing about their wallet or purse for a credit or debit card.

This system is not free of disadvantages though, the prime disadvantage being that you cannot withdraw via Siru Mobile. You are also limited by the number of online bingo and casino sites that offer Siru Mobile as a deposit option and the kind of mobile phone account you need in order to use this service.

If you can put up with these limitations, then Siru Mobile is obviously the mobile payment system for you!