Trustly is an eWallet solution that, though not as popular as alternatives such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller, is still accepted at a reasonable number of online bingo sites, and online casino sites. Established in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008, Trustly soon reached agreements with merchants all over Sweden, and then Scandinavia, and then the rest of Europe.
Trustly is still the preferred eWallet choice of countless customers all over mainland Europe, and the service can be used in the United Kingdom too.

Why use Trustly?


Trustly is simplicity in itself

You can set up your Trustly payments, quickly and easily. Unlike other eWallets, you do not actually need to open a Trustly account. When you make a payment at an online bingo or casino site, just select Trustly as your payment option. You will then be directed via Trustly to enter your online banking account login and password (just as you would if you were paying directly). Trustly then arranges the payment to the online gambling site.

Safely secure

When you make a Trustly transaction, you are sending data to the Trustly site, then Trustly is sending data to the online casino. It is important that all such info is kept secure, and Trustly does a perfect job of doing just that. All such transactions are stringently encrypted.

No fees

As a Trustly eWallets services user, you will not be charged anything for using Trustly to make online payments unlike other eWallet solutions. Trustly makes its money by charging the merchant, not the customer as it facilitates a way for merchants to accept online payments not directly involving banks, credit cards and debit cards.

No fuss deposits and withdrawals

Unlike credit cards, debit cards and direct bank transfers, there is typically no waiting period for Trustly transactions even though you are using your bank account. If you want to get money into your Trustly bingo, casino or slots account quickly, or if you want to withdraw, then Trustly is your go-to option.


Trustly is not everywhere

At Trustly bingo, casino and slots sites credit/debit cards, Skrill and Neteller are near ubiquitous. This is not the case with Trustly, which is simply not found available at every single online gambling site.


Some sites that allow deposits via Trustly do not allow you to make Trustly withdrawals.

Is Trustly Banking Friendly?


When you want to deposit money into any bingo site that accepts Trustly, the process is very straightforward. Instead of inputting your credit or debit details, or your bank account details if you want to transfer directly from your bank, you select Trustly as your payment method. Once you have selected the size of your deposit, an internet banking portal should open. Log on to your online banking and okay the transfer. Your money should then appear within your online bingo or casino account within minutes.


To be able to withdraw via Trustly, you must have a bank account with a leading UK bank if you are in the UK. When it the time comes for you to withdraw from your bingo or Trustly casino account, select Trustly as your chosen withdrawal method, and your bank. Trustly will then open up a web portal that connects you to your bank via the site.

You will need to enter your online banking credentials in order to make the connection. Once everything has been approved, you simply okay the transfer.

Your money will not be transferred immediately, though. You may have to wait between 24 and 48 hours (sometimes longer) before your money is available to spend.

As has been mentioned previously, some online bingo and online casino sites will allow you to make deposits and withdrawals by using Trustly, but others will only allow you to make deposits.


As mentioned previously, you do not have to pay any fees to use Trustly to make your transfers. The merchant (in this case the online bingo, casino or slots site) pays a fee to Trustly for offering it as a payments service.

Opening an account

You do not need to have any kind of account with Trustly itself to use Trustly as a service provider. All you need is a bank account with a bank that has an online banking facility. When you use Trustly, Trustly itself acts as a conduit between your online banking facility and the online site you are trying to get money into, or out of.

Our Final Thoughts

Trustly is unique as it is an eWallet-style service that’s not exactly like other similar services such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. Usually, to use an eWallet, you need an eWallet account. With Trustly, you do not.

Trustly was originally set up as an easy way for merchants to offer sales via online banking, without having to approach each bank individually to set up the service. With online bingo, casino and slots sites, Trustly works brilliantly as a way of keeping your online financial details safe, as you do not have to share your important banking details with any online bingo or casino site that you want to use them at.